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dimanche, juillet 05, 2009

♥ update

cant really rmb what happened last 2 weeks.. =/ i think this holiday is not holidays lah.
1st week:
mon & tues : concentrated on driving
wed : go sch
thurs : tpy, IT fair.
fri : mugging at home (surprised but needed to ): )
sat : YOG volunteer thingy + EDGE + pack luggage! (super last min lor)
sun : video + off to m'sia (dramatic..)
mon : set up at berjaya (lagi drama..) until 6 plus evening, youth camp at Radius
tues : session, amazing race (haha! we were the last group to return, and ev'one left le...) , session
wed : session, shopping! (drama again..)
thurs : session, games! session
fri : a lil drama, back to s'pore! (:
sat : sleep + edge!
sun : church, evening nursery
mon : study? cant rmb...
tues : mug in sch, stayover
wed : badminton, science centre - da vinci the genius,
thurs : study, back home
fri : mug in sch, net
sat : sleep + edge
sun : service, discipling, Street E training, study 1 hr, evening video
mon : Mech 3! quite ok paper. studied till 8
tues : Stats in the morn, quite tricky... Fluid Mechanics. KILLER. die. die. die. studied till 8
wed : free day, studied lil at home
thurs : QEM - i screwed up the paper. sh*t :( studied till 730.
fri : Eng thermo. killer module, but test paper was so surprisingly easy to understand! but i calculated area wrongly. (pi x d^2) / 4. i forgot to square it. haiz die also lor. out with huishan to FEP and expo. street e with nicole at tamp central~ (: blessed 1 person!!
sat (today) : sleep til 11, set up at suntec at 1 til 9 plus. tiring. dinner/supper at ECP! lol.
tmr: whole day at suntec. COMBO! morning video, evening nursery.

i still got 1 more test on tues! ahh! sian..
really wna post pics up. but really tired :( try to asap.

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