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mercredi, août 19, 2009

♥ tests continued

lol, done with Stats test and SIM! :) though the Stats test was really tricky, thank God for wisdom! esp at the very last min when i was checking a particular qns which i knew was wrong. (i forgot to add a sq root in the eqn) lol. had SIM ppt this morning, thank God for His favour man! cos it seemed like our case study was "one of the easier" ones... but anyways, i still pray that i can get A for SIM, cos my 2nd test got screwed up :( yeah, 62/100 :( oh wells..
currently in sch "slacking"/"studying" lol. still stuck at mechanics chapter 5! :( and i forgot to bring my OM book, cos i intended to do the quiz today after the Stats test at 6 plus.. haiz.. on a lighter note to self : no more exams after this semester in POLY! :D juz 2 more weeks! v^^

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