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dimanche, août 02, 2009

♥ updates again!

been 2 weeks since i last updated! =/
this week has been rather eventful though~

1) net outreach on friday night!! (31st july~!) invited the 100K contacts and hallelujah! it's really God's favour man! 3 contacts came! (and 2 of another 100K contacts are intending to come for morning service on next sunday) praise God!

2) had driving in the afternoon on sat b4 gg for SPOCS gathering at seoul garden (orchard!~) lol~ the usual suan-ing of robert and jonathan~ met at 5 plus, and finished eating at 8 plus.. purposely starved myself so that i can eat more at the buffet~ :) haha! ate so much meat until i feel like vomitting... left to tamp building cos the video equipments set up not done yet =/ wah.. ton sia.. until 5:20am sunday T^T shld had seen all our faces and eyes... (that's the night we found out about Beyond!) haha!

3) couldnt wake up for morning service, missed it ): ahh, havent sit with net for 3 weeks alr, and i have video duty next sunday =/ i hope i can swop with somebody... went to church at 12:20pm for the class and had lunch.. had evening video and we used the new video room!! lol.. den had dinner some where in pasir ris~
stress ahead..

this week: CSW resume, SIM theory test, QEM proj due, OM quiz
next week: CSW job interview, SIM proj due, STATS quiz
next 2 weeks: STATS test, PBL due, MECH lab test
next 3 weeks: Mechanics, OM, QEM, EGTHER, FMECH exams!

p.s: beyond's 海闊天空 is super nice (:

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