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mardi, septembre 22, 2009

♥ results =/

GG, exam results coming out in 24 or more hrs time! i just want a D for Fluid Mechanics and GPA of 2.6 at least ):

edit (23rd sept, 0510)
D for Fluid Mechanics! and GPA more than 2.6! Thankfully!! :) unexpected results! ahhh..

edit (1930)
lol! i overslept for prayer mtg again...
i dunno how much i can thank God for! had a shock of my life when i read the email!

ITP (attachment) - A
Statistics - A
Mechanics 3 - A
Engg Thermody - A
Simulation - A
Quality Engg Mgt- B+
Org Mgt - B+
CSW - C+
Fluid Mechanics - D

5 As! den i realised ITP is not counted in GPA, so useless to be so happy.. =/ but i never expected to get As for Simulation, Statistics and Mechanics 3! came as surprise! Cos i screwed up the 2nd test for Simulation, exam for Mechanics, tricky qns for Stats.. and darn Engg Thermody! LOL, thankful for our tutorial teacher though! (: our 3-5pm on fri is well spent cos it's the most solid learning and stress period! wah, if not for him, i think i can never understand the logic of all the topics le..

aiya, wished for an A for OM initially, but still thankful that i could get a B+ cos of exam! (: and QEM is the most unexpected grade!! i tot i will get a C+ nia, cos i failed my 1st test (sadly), and lecturer mentioned some of the exam ans, which i found out that i did wrongly, so >20 marks gone.. but nevertheless, a B+ for it! super happy!

C+ for CSW! haha, expected it alr.. cos since yr 1, any LC module : Oral Comm (B), CRS (C), RWP(B+), so CSW is defi a C!! hahaha, but thankful that it's a high C (: heh!

and Fluid Mechanics... a D for a core module is kinda serious, but at least i passed! was really worried after exam, cried immediately after exam to be exact.. cos i screwed up the paper, totally.. biggest regret that day, was to sleep the night b4! :'( didnt have enough time to last min study.. was so confident on sat (cos exam on wed).. haiz, though i alw blamed the system for placing Engg Therm on tues afternn, and Fmech on wed morning.. it's also my fault not to study enough.. (but i had 5 papers.... :( ) aiya.. still glad that i passed (juz passed) the exam..

thankfully had 4 As to maintain the GPA! (:
sGPA = 3.339
cGPA = 3.305

cumulative got improved by 0.01! haha, though it's very lil but phew, thank God and lecturers and friends' help! :D ahh.. gg ecstatic le~ 1 more semester!


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