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dimanche, septembre 27, 2009

♥ sunday combo!!

had a sunday combo today! and i realised that i havent been updating on my sunday life for a long time... =/
nursery duty for morning service and last min evening duty for video!
nursery was pretty ok~ not many babies cried as compared to the last evening duty~ (: megan actually stopped crying after a while which was pretty amazing! usually will cry non-stop till her mom comes~ hahaha.. thank God that mei mei wasn't grumpy today! she stopped crying after 5 min, as of when she entered the nursery room.. hahaha, and aunt teresa is pretty cool for a grandma, cos she actually teaches dialect to her grandchildren! ahhh.. i also want to speak dialect =/ and i realised that all the toddlers has a sensor in their brain which reads "nursery room, DANGER!" almost all the toddlers started crying once they stepped in the room, or when their parents/guardian leave! and 1 toddler in particular was super funny cos his mom actually left the room at probably 10:15am.. den he only found out at 10:40 or so, when someone brought a new "door" for the nursery room, cos that someone looks like his father, lol.. super funny kid la..
den had caregroup mtg at 2-5pm =/ which was quite tiring and zzz.. after which, went for video duty.. hahaha, den we had dinner at pasir ris fish pond! LOL.. pretty good food and fellowship! hahaha! and i think we've been singing birthday song to UMA for at least 3 times today.. LOL!
zzz, really tired... and my driving is finally going to start next tues! haha! super sian-ed but cant help it la~

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