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jeudi, octobre 08, 2009

♥ driving

had driving on tues with a new instructor. the main reason for changing instructor was because first one was really expensive. zzz. yeah. found out a lot more ways to deal with my mistakes. smth which first one never mentioned. darn! and he cheated my circuit $$ ): he charged me $23 for each circuit, but this new instructor only charge me $22.50. oh man, he cheated my 10 circuits leh! $5!! i noe it sounds very little, but i can buy 1 happy meal to cheer myself up. or even 50 packets of Bee Bee biscuits, or 5 packets of Super Ring, zzz. and worse still, he always eat my 10min of driving = $4.30 (flat rate of $26/h) i went for 44 lessons (ahh, so many still can fail, KNS sia..), so imagine how much i lost.. haha, since i won't be saying who's the instructor, i can continue ranting on la. haha~
anw, i learnt more stuffs with the new instructor, and all those is the mistakes i made in TP. pang sai me.. haiz... gonna drive again next fri, b4 sch reopens! =)

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