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lundi, octobre 19, 2009

♥ first day of sch

ahh first day of school!! found out that we are supposed to report in sch at 9am every morning to 6pm!! omg, can die.. anyway, always thot tat this semester would be the easiest, is until going thru the process sia, den i realised it's darn sian and tough.. basically, the DME and DMA Teaching Factory students do their project together. but mechatronics can choose b/w W11 or at ARICC (robotics) hmm.. no sch term break this semester): and the security is quite tight. basically we gotta scan our hand to gain entrance, and to mark attendance. woah, and i alw encounter problems!! zzz...
2nd day:
supervisor is back! tot that by not joining the Electrical department, i will be free from doing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). what are the odds that we are the 1st batch to do PLC for the Programming Department! kinda sianz to study PLC again, mainly cos the lecturer 2 sem ago really made me lose interest, LOL. anw, we found out a nearer exit from our computer lab (which is super ulu) and got no internet! can die... haiz.. 9-6 again.. must bring sweets and snacks le...
3rd day:
Played around with Ladder Diagram, trying to decipher and recall past lectures. Was briefed the day b4 about zzz. LOL, supervisor was saying that last sem or smth, 1 student fell asleep and when another supervisor came and knock on the table and qns him, instead of saying "Sorry Sir!", he said "i'm tired..." guess what.. yes, i fell asleep and supervisor asked me "tired arh?" and stupid me nodded and agreed. WTS! lol..

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