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samedi, octobre 03, 2009

♥ holidays~

been enjoying every single day of holidays~ haha! basically, been watching dramas! :) shiok! ehh, searching for Beyond, that Hong Kong band, which disbanded not long ago.. music and lyrics are very good!! (: still looking for Beyond - 遙遠的paradise(粵) song! =/ ahh.. eh, going out and pigging out this holiday! and not to forget watching TV shows! esp on Channel 5 at 2:30pm onwards, all the way to 11/12 plus...
Channel 5:
2:30pm - Style by Jury
3 - 4pm - Growing Up (definitely must watch cos i never got to watch that when i was younger!! Pa only allowed us to watch at 9pm everyday, GU is at 8pm!! zzz
4 - 5pm - Used to be 'Are You Smarter than a 5th grader', now is 'Beauty and the Geek'! darn geeky sia.. 1 contestant is a MIT student with perfect 5.0 GPA. crazy luh. [SPOILER!! I JUST CHECKED ONLINE, AND UNINTENTIONALLY FOUND OUT THE WINNER. DUNG ): ]
4:30-5:30 - that hokkien drama : 意难忘 cant help it! watched it since Mid-Year Exams in 2006!! die die must watch finish, cos i never get to watch last episodes of such shows for quite a number of times le! =(
5:30-6:30 - mediacorp show. now is 'million treasures', i think..
6 - 7pm - Encore Korean Drama, about the "7" princesses. watched to 'da fa' time..
7 - 8pm - Korean Drama: Daughter-in-laws show..
8 - 9pm - any shows that's avail~
9 - 10pm - Heart of greed, now is that Baby show~ aiya, mediacorp scriptwriter is alw like that! after that Adrian Pang's show with Nicole, now another attempt with Olympic.. zzz, but i'm watching purely for the kid~ hahah!
10-11pm - any shows~ hahaha.. now is usually the time i use the laptop! hahaha!

shiok life~! :)

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