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jeudi, octobre 15, 2009

♥ last week of holiday

argh, the internet speed is so laggy out of a sudden luh.. super irritating! really wanna blog about my last week of holidays! (: haha! but will post another time after i bluetooth my pics from my photo which is starting to have reception problems :(
fri: finally bought some boxes from IKEA, to pack all my zapalang stuffs. net at night.

sat: went to FEP with huishan and huili, followed by edge at night.

sun: morning class and service, running at tamp stadium (awesome sia!), dinner at subway.

mon: zzz until 9 plus in the mornin to have breakfast, watch tv till 11 plus, back to zzz until 2 plus, meet olivia for Nihon Mura 'High Tea Buffet' which was super awesome and worth it!

tues: went to suntec for briefing, searched for darn polaroid films but cant find them (at peninsula), bot photo album (finally! (: )

wed: work from 8am to 6:30pm! JEC Composites Asia Event at Suntec Convention Centre! met lots of foreigners! cos i was helping out at the registration counter at level 1.
got Japanese (Konnichiwa! Arigato Gotzamatsu!), from University of Tokyo! omgwtfbbq!
Russian (hysgaabuf, dunno how to say sia, but was in awe of their language~!)
German, (counter friend made a mistake but i felt he handle the situation very well! (: )
China (xie xie, common, but it's cool to hear them speak english! ahah!)
Indonesian (asked my counter friend, "what's your name, MY SON")
Malaysian, Singaporeans, South Korean! i cant rmb if got N.Koreans leh..
basically it was a fun trip cos it's the most slack job ever~ (: not trying to say response not good, but it's more for the overseas ppl, cos it's an exhibition show in Asia, so definitely expect foreigners la.. some of them still quite humourous sia. cos i passed to him the hamper, then he asked "is these free?" and went on asking "is there any free notebooks?" LOL, like what sia.. it sounded more funny then, cos we were super sian due to lack of "traffic".. haiz..
dinner at ASTON with huishan, reached home at 8:45pm and bathed and watched tv till 10. slept at 10:10pm sharp! omg!
woke up twice to 1) toilet, bladder quite full at 1 plus. 2) was dreaming that i was on bus 34 with my net (all 9 of them!) with some ex-net / church peeps! den i had a bad flu, and used 1 whole packet of tissue to clean my mucus. eee still dreamt that it's that kind of green and yellow mucus (haha!) i woke up drenched with my saliva. yucks sia. and super sian cos cant sleep well. haiz.

today, thurs! met Cheryl and Denise at iluma for movie! Julie & Julia! (:
very nice movie, 2 hours straight! initially i got very mixed up, not with the names but with the timing. cos Julie, in 2002, was trying out the 524 recipes written by Julia, in 365 days. and so they were showing Julie and Julia's life concurrently mah. so in Julia's life, i was wondering why she doesn't act as if she's a famous woman or smth in Paris (cos she's an American). and she was busy using typewriter to type her recipes when Julie was using BLOG! ya! until the end of the movie, den i realised that they were playing a Biography of Julia (the actual chef and writer), and how it re-enacted in Julie's life.. sounds complicating, but the show is super good! (: worth my $8.50 at iluma! (:
den had steamboat.. (:

tmr: badminton in the morning... =/ and then driving in afternoon.. and net at night~ (:
P.S. did i mentioned that my timetable is out? and gotta be in school at 8am every morning (that means 7am to run =/) and i have a 3 hrs break on friday AGAIN! argh!

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