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lundi, octobre 05, 2009

♥ things to do this holiday

okay, i just realised that i should stop slacking at home! watching tv dramas everyday like a pig is not healthy! so i've decided to come out with a list of things to do during my last 2 weeks of holidays b4 stage 3.2 starts! =/
1) Pack my stupid table and shelves! zzz sian.. procrastinated for >1/2 year le... =/ (SIP! Still In Progress!)
2) Buy a new pair of sports shoes! done! on wed!
3) Beg myself to use the sports shoes to do running at the park next to my house. (and if possible, reach sch at 8am to run in future.. zzz..)
4) repeat (1) and (3)
5) start sleeping by 12am and wake up by 10am everyday. esp next week onwards.. if not will definitely be late for school again..
6) attend more driving lessons.. zzzz.. sian sia!
7) start psycho-ing myself to do well this final semester..

yeah, all the best! i can do it!!! not by my own strength though~ (:

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