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samedi, octobre 31, 2009

♥ zz

long day today, as it seemed. lucky had SP ACER duty only at 11:30am today! until 2 plus..
haha! today's route for the Parents' Forum was the shortest!! School of CLS! (: HAHA! just had to talk for 2 trips and that's all! totally different from the SP Experience in June! or is it Open House in Jan.. Zzz.. anw, i guess this was one of the most enthu group i've been with! mainly bcos we've gotta wait for the parents come out from the tours at T1A, so the buses just parked at a carpark and the 6 of us (2 tour guides for each bus) juz hang ard and chit chat.. cant really rmb what we talked about but the ice was really broken when one of the tour guide actually asked the bus uncle to take photo of us! hahaha, it's not that we're all zi lian or what, it's the part when she mention "uncle! one more photo, informal this time!" LOL, super cute and funny la.. and on the bus tour, we encountered weird and funny parents.. mine wasn't that bad cos 1 parent just asked if i was treating her for McDonalds for lunch (cos i was "promoting" the food courts in SP during the 1st shift).. my partner encountered weirder parent! cos of some stuff, this parent and child wanted to return to T1A (we sent parents to T11A on the second route) so partner was asking how parent find the tour earlier on.. then suddenly the parent asked him "wow, where did you fix your teeth?" YA! wth? totally diff wavelength plus he pronounced teeth as "tea/tee" zzz.. so partner tot it was tea, then he blur. i tot it was tee (t-shirt) lagi blur.. stunned sia.. den parent talk and talk.. zzz..
so CLS tour ended the earliest, bus uncles also super happy "WAH, so fast!?!" that kinda expression (: haha.. den we decided to be kiasu and take the SP bag cos got free notebooks and pens. zzz.. super hilarious, the scene then.. hahaha.. we were as kiasu as SINGAPOREANS! aiyo... if not for driving at 3pm, i would had hang ard ): such a waste..

den chiong to CDC for driving. was late and zzz.. driving till 4:30pm, den rush to edge at yishun.. zzz.. seems very short, but lotsa drama inside. will update soon!

ahh, i just found out that the media fast is actually 1 month long! not 1 week!! =/ great! after all i've seldom played FB since school started (: hallelujah!

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