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jeudi, décembre 31, 2009

♥ dec

okie, definitely the last post of 2009! how time flies! ): i think i didn't write any resolutions for 2009 cos there was a report that writing new year resolution is bad for our mental health cos we feel pressurised to accomplish it! not gonna do for 2010 bah..
hahaha, okay! update.

24th dec:
school and then went to Cleone's house for her net outreach with Sean to add DYNAMIC! hahaha! great fun and laughter! esp when we had to act out Christmas Carols! haha! celebrated Isaac's bday too! anyway, main point is this!! Lady Gaga's Bad Romance!
the article on the website actually mentioned that it has occult in the music video! and the song, definitely. OMG, it links now! during the 1 month media fast on NOV 5 - DEC 5, i listened to FM98.7 for 9 hrs straight for 2 weeks, and i kept hearing secular music which are repeated at least 3 times a day.. no choice cos i cant turn off the radio mah. but i was kinda hooked to Lady Gaga's songs cos so catchy and catchy basically.. it turned out that her songs contain occult... omg.. i dunno how to react sia.. i gave in the temptation den ): thank God for Cleone's consistency on checking out music stuff if not we'll never know the real meaning...

25th dec:
Christ-mas day~ had our Christmas outreach! it wasn't bad, in fact very good and fun! it was the first time we had no chairs to sit, but thankfully justin's ma managed to find more~ wah, we were shocked at the number. haha, basically there were 7 + 4 visitors.. haha, should had seen my reaction when i saw that we literally had to squeeze chairs in the living room. anyway, Thank God for the response, and the enthusiasm of everyone who brought their friends and brought laughters. :)

26th - 27th dec:
off to Batam! coincidentally, we met my parents' church friends at the check-in! and they happened to be at the same resort as us~ while waiting to get off the ferry at waterfront ferry point, happened to see a secondary sch classmate! tell me man, the probability of these! some more i long long time never see him liao lor.. the resort was fantastic man. i alw had a bad impression cos of (GYL) LOL! but this Harris Batam Resort totally blew my mind away~ took a video :)


haha, anyway, we went for massage which was creepy, i kept giggling, making noise and juz in pain. felt ironically sian after the massage. LOL. and then had early dinner which was expensive cos it's all in SGD, chicken backside lor.. hahaha.. and then on our way back to the room, we saw another family from our church! at the back of my mind i was thinking "omg, 3 times le..." nua in the room and went for "swimming" at the big pool.. hahah, yes, i was jus walking ard literally. tried swimming with lotsa help, and i can proudly say... i still cant swim! (:
went back and bathed, omg, the toilet is like so nice.. hahaha.. then we room-serviced for our pizza cos we checking out in the morning and suay suay 24th-26th is room-service busiest moments cos of a Christmas party downstairs... but anw, the long wait (1 hr) was worth it when the pizza came. tres bien! :) zzzz at 11 plus SG time..
woke up at 7am for breakfast. the only thing i like abt indonesia - 7am indonesia time = 8am sg time = wake up later :) ha! but but but cos of this, alarm also will ring earlier cos "forgot" to add an hour.. breakfast was ok and then nua in the room again when i chanced upon an anime. 蜡笔小新; crayon shinchan. :D wah, so happy sia! den i realised... it's in Bahasa Indonesian... zzz..

went to Nagoya Hill shopping centre after checking out, nothing much to buy cos dunno what to buy =X haha, but yet again, i saw 蜡笔小新; crayon shinchan comic book! chicken mcnugget right! but it's not in english or chinese.. went to A&W to eat, chicken very small cos got no steriods but stupid manager cheat my RP100 ): lie that got no more. my sis also kena, but heng she questioned him and he gave. wa lao, if he lidat to 10 ppl alr can save RP1000 leh.. a lot of $$ leh.. ~12 cents =/ ha! but the point is that i saw a SP guy there too...
then headed back to the ferry terminal, supposed to leave at 4:30pm but ferry only came at 5 cos of rain... so reached sg ard 7 plus sgtime. sian sia, the ride home and etc...

28th dec:
yes, back to sch ): if not for me, ev'one would had stayed longer.. lol.. reluctant to go to sch but need to! the thai ppl also came back! haha! anw, we were given some mini assignment juz now but i screwed up. LOL. CPU: i couldn't unscrew some stuffs and comp hang and the card not placed properly. kena owned big time sia. went to SP new Hilltop Library, freaking far and really Hilltop sia. next to T22, in front of carpark..
went for BBQ at pasir ris. hated the SBS bus, so freaking long, that's the reason why i NEVER like taking bus back home.. peak hour, wait so long, so long queue, drive also slow cos of heavy traffic. i rather depend on my 2 car. :)
BBQ was great. food and fellowship~ the sea and the moon.. though the mud juz spoil our feeling.. lol.. very smelly and had to wash hair again that night.. haiz.. thank God i didnt drive cos it's so dark and i dunno the way lor.. luckily got some R6 ppl on the same bus :) haha! ended ard 10 plus, reached home at 11 plus lidat.. back at my mind "got Video BBQ tmr!! :D" that's right, another night to wash hair, LOL.

29th dec:
sch as usual.. tried researching for manage codes for array and structure for C programming.. wah, sometimes whatever we learn in sch/ class/ lecture theatres/ tutorials doesn't come to handy at all. it's the outside world/ working world which equates to reality.
ok, den left sch for pam house for Video ministry BBQ! no smelly hair cos no charcoal used~ haha! great time of fellowship and laughters!

30th dec:
forgot to bring hp to sch again, heng not gg out (: but such a sickening feeling w/out it, cos suddenly needed it at a point. haiz.

31st dec:
surprise offday! :D zzz till 12 cos only slept at 3 plus the night b4~ managed to finish watching 'the Hunchback of Notre Dame' animation! found out on New Year's Day that Channel 5 is showing it! dang, it's alw lidat! =( now i can finally convince myself to read the book finish (cos it's mega thick and really chim english.. off for Watchnight Service! Nursery for the first part! :) lol, lucky not many babies~ the food during the break was quite awesome! hahaha.. and then we partake communion which was well packaged! first time we saw it, and pardon my lousy phone colour quality. wafer on the top, syrup in the cup..

things to do next yr:
1st Jan 2010
new year.
at jalan kayu for supper...

after the youth activity =) we survived!

zzz like a pig!! must!

zzz, down to tpy for nursery mtg at 2:30... den go for edge...

video in the morning =/ CG at 2. heng not on evening duty but still need to go for service..

4th-8th jan
sch + open house!!

9th jan
zzz, video setup at suntec

10th jan
service at suntec, nursery in morning...

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