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lundi, décembre 14, 2009

♥ TP (:

my title for this post is finally 'TP (:' instead of 'TP ):' 'TP )):' !!
thank God!! i passed my driving test this morning!
1) thank God that there's a school retreat on 14th and 15th dec, so all the students don't have to go to sch for proj and etc! in other words - OFF DAYS! and my TP is on 14th morning, so i don't have to apply for Leave of Absence (LOA) which was bothering me for a long time. ha!

2) prayer works! i thought 9:15am slot is super peak and crowded at Ubi! but it turned out a little otherwise. the traffic probably decreased by 5x as what nicole prayed! haha!

3) instructor!! omg, i muz say smth. i thank God that i failed my 1st 2 TP cos if i hadn't failed my 1st, i wouldn't had known how to do safety check when doing parking(s) and dir change. 2nd, i wouldn't had known that i've been learning my clutch and acceleration and turnings wrongly! yes yes, sure a failure right. and so i 'secretly' changed instructor (cos his lessons super ex and also no guarantee pass since i failed twice. LOL) and this instructor kept scolding and hitting me cos of all my mistakes ):
but nv-the-less, at least i learnt how to do U-turn correctly (clutch actually needs to let go and add a little oil when u're returning to the lane),
turn right correctly cos that's my biggest fear in driving actually... (to actually turn a quarter when reach yellow box/ a lil in front of pedestrian lane when junction box don't exist),
to only turn back the steering wheel when you see the head of the car in the "dotted line" - tat means juz nice in the lane, when doing the left turn.
i mean, so many mistakes leh! no wonder i alw no confident in driving and not the circuit. :( ytd during driving, found out that the circuit's parallel parking changed a lil so had to adjust the marking when i turn in.. cos CDC was preparing for the upcoming new rule.. so this morning during circuit, instructor kept telling me to pass if not re-test have to pay more $$ for circuit and no more poles for parking! so die die must pass.. wah, super stress sia.. den i think i kinda de-stress when i saw 1 car on TP doing her vertical parking. when she wanted to turn in, my instructor commented smth like 'aiyo, surely cannot go in, turn too late' (obviously in chinese, eng is a more universal language to type mah) so i was like ' huh, den lidat will deduct how many points if require additional move' i actually know the ans cos i kena during my 1st TP for parallel.. LOL. if not so quiet in the car mah.. '4 points, if cannot do more than 3 times, fail le' so i was hoping that the car could faster pass and let me go forward to practice my vertical parking but!! she failed at her 2nd attempt, she was doing parallel parking style cos we saw her wheels straightened which was a big no-no. so she tried again, and she did the same mistake! and attempted turning right while reversing which was lagi wrong. ): haiz, she really made an effort to get the car in lor.. but i think we didn't see that part, cos i juz wanted to practice v. parking again. ok, i was looking & comforting myself w ppl's misfortune lah which is wrong. but anw, the whole circuit test was scary! worried that i'll be out of the lane esp at the bends, worried that i'll slide down at the slope, worried that i'll strike or even mount kerb at the dir change, S & Crank course, worried that i'll strike pole during parking. so worried over all these luh.. tried to keep my composure but in the end kena all the 'fail to do safety check, fail to check blind spots, incorrect way of checking blind spots' LOL. totally..

4) i was tested on route 5 again, the same small lane and hump ahead thing. really nervous and worried during the whole test luh. but anyway, e whole route was some how like that.
a left turn out of CDC...
turn left at the junction..
turn right to the small lane..
this is the part!!

okay, that is the part where i was caught in a dilemma earlier this morning! there were a few parked/stationary cars at the left of the lane, so had to signal right to show the oncoming vehicles the opp side that i'm intruding their lane. there were 3 cars in front of me (we are at the centre white line area) and so i waited behind them for a couple of seconds (prolly 10sec bah) i was debating in my heart, should i swerve right and juz go ahead of the 3 cars which wasn't moving for no reason or should i juz stay put? tough decision, cos i didn't wna make the same mistake as my 2nd test that i wasn't keeping to my lane which is 4 points ): so i decided to juz swerve right and squeezing thru the right lane while taking note that no vehicles were ahead. then i realised that 'Oh! the first car was actually parking his car lah...' no wonder so slow.. den coincidentally, there was another car which was coming out from the most left lane, so had to wait and stop. den another vehicle from opp direction came and the most left lane's car stopped and so i tried to squeeze b/w both cars looking real worried and frustrated that i actually did a stupid choice of going ahead of the 3 cars. i knew then that i will fail the test again :( so... i juz did my best and forgot to check blind spots whenever i wna turn left or right, LOL. and i saw the tester kept tapping his notebook (that's where he marks our mistakes!) and cos of the 2nd test, i was ignorant. i tot tester used to see map, as in to see which route to take.. but until the results out, den i realised it's the marking scheme in the notebook! kena scammed once, so this time was sure heard a lot of tapping. and tester actually kept his NB even b4 i entered CDC, so i tot sure overshot le.. :( haiz.. [i noe it's a long story, dun have to read, juz for my own reference... haha!] so i looked super sad and hoped that he will minus/strike off some mistakes when we're back in the office, but sadly he just turned on his NB and printed. and then, he came and say... i cant rmb leh, but something like 'You've passed!' den i was like, really? and i saw a 'Congrats..' on the paper and i nearly cried but nv cry cos i was worried abt the mistake i made! so i clarified with him about the whole chunk that i've typed and asked if did i do wrongly by turning out, n being an obstruction the opp vehicles, etc.. den he said smth like 'Oh! no no! you did well that part! if you had stayed on, i would have marked you. but u used ur initiative and turn out, so it was good! when i saw that, i was thinking 'What a good driver you are!' ' or smth lidat lah! haha! den at the back of my mind, i was like 'good driver?!! kidding me?!!' ha! so i called instructor and he told me to practice more since my driving isn't so good.. lol. noted..

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