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dimanche, janvier 10, 2010

♥ first week of 2010

okay, 1st week of 2010 is ending in 10 min time. really quite bz. attempt to do proj many times, sometimes dunno is it i'm dumb or what, cos i'm alw struggling.
attempting to do scripture sharing / word and a net roster for net for this year. if not i'll alw inform them super last min which is super bad.
just had corporate sunday service today. setup ytd was ok yet hilarious at the last part. we got "trapped" in Suntec Convention Centre! OMG, next time will update again. had nursery duty this morning. omg, kids all so adorable! and the En Siblings grew up so fast (: aiya! even matthew's sis - Hannah can walk alr! OMG lah, last June, she was still in a cradle can...
then went for lunch which was decided after walking nearly 2 rounds at the Fountain of Wealth. hahaha.. den went to Carnival and slack and had Video Duty at 4pm. so blah blah... Service ended at 7:30pm!! and we chiong to do tear down. OMG, record breaker this time round. we took only 1 hour to do it! i expected 2 hours the minimum but i guess more hands, less work (: hurray. went for tau huey supper after that~ (:
hahaha.. another week is starting in a few min time. i dunno how to tahan this week..
Au Revoir ~

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