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jeudi, janvier 14, 2010

♥ sch

i wish monday faster come! =( i dun think i'll suffer from Monday blues le..
): really dun know how to do programming! ):< so tough! ahh!

i NEVER (almost la) apply any stuffs that i've learnt in the past 2 1/2 yrs here in Teaching Factory! PLC was cmi lah, C++ was 2 years ago alr! how to rmb.. smth just strucked me just now - "if only i studied harder in secondary sch ): " i would had strive to go for Junior College (yeah, a Poly kid saying this) instead of going to Poly and getting a Diploma (which could be equate to nothing in knowledge) i mean, whatever we learnt in Poly, is no use lor.. ownage by supervisor last year also. wah.. in Poly, we are spoon fed and i am sure that i cant rmb some theory esp from ThermoFluids modules.. yeah, i prolly had said that JCs are for nerds, Poly are for cool ppl 3 years ago. i find myself real stupid now. ): how to go to University thru Poly? only 1343 graduates from SP made it to local U leh.. as cmp to the whole yr3 cohort leh? 4000+? it's possible to go University, but ur GPA gotta be super good leh.. i know, i feel very very depressed now - melancholic takes over again.. but it's true.. ): why i didn't study harder? i feel extremely angry with myself for my yr 1.2 and 2.1 GPA, lowest of the lowest. bcos of these, struggling to pull cGPA up ): ok, 7 sad faces le.. bye..

i finally see a glimpse of hope in programming proj! T^T thank u God! (:

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