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lundi, janvier 18, 2010

♥ weekend

it's the weekend again.. had workday on sat morning, supposed to meet net at 8am, but i overslept =X i tot it was only 7 am when one of my mbrs called, but after i found out the "truth", chiong to church lor.. thankful for 4 of them! cos ev'thing was almost done when i reached at 8:40am.. (:

had breakfast and den went to central to update my POSB card. haha! cos i was still holding the ancient one lah, almost 7 years ago le.. and lagi no time to change the card since i'm in school when the bank opens.. waited for nearly 50 min to my turn =/ den went home and came out again to make an UOB card. wanted to open a Savings acc but not enough money to open acc ): so got a Nets Flash card (which the "govt" had been 宣传 -ing for quite some time..) ha, den went for Edge! the bus left super on time! i reached at 4:32pm, the bus left at 4:30pm ): took 969 in the end! zzz.. woah, the sermon at the edge was good! Awakening! very timely indeed.. after edge, went to Punggol Park. i think i made a big detour luh. i took the train from Yishun to Douby Ghaut, den NEL to Hougang. i shld had taken the circle line lah! =( but it wasn't too bad after all lah..

had 4K's class BBQ/gathering first time in 3 years! LOL. lots of miggling ard, and lots of us changed! skinnier, taller, fairer, prettier, blah~ Wilson is so TALL! super unfair, last time in early sec 3, i used to be slightly taller den him! :( what happened to ME?! but anw, Mr K came! and shld had seen us sia.. he was talking and placing his hand on a tree, while all of us were facing him and listening to him (some sit on the chairs, floor, Styrofoam box, another one "kena" punishment to stand in front of the class (actually is stand beside K la.. ) ) joked about the funny stuffs which happened in 4K'06. got ppl kick the urinal (and i think it broke =/ ) by Clement, steal sodium and "explode" toilet bowl by Kenny!!, kena caning, scolding vulgarities to t'chers, t'chers crying, t'cher drawing on the whiteboard a big sad face and saying "I AM SAD!" (K lah!) , ji xiao-ing the t'chers, missing some t'chers.. eg. Mr Gopal! he alr got a son!! OMG!! O.O that joker t'cher! LOL. and of cos the infamous 'guess my name' game. lol. quite hilarious cos K couldn't get some of our names right! zzz.. eg, when he said Joanne so confidently! zzz. i knew that was coming out from his mouth! hahaha, so he was quite shocked when we said "not correct!" haha! cos incorrect ans muz pay $10! haha! but anw, the whole gathering was fun and cool.. and he's married and 1st child is coming out soon.. wah.. this man arh... so low profile... got a ride home and reached home ard 12 plus /1.. exhausted but thankfully i made the choice to go! =D

church today.. morning video duty - i forgot my pledge number lor, and i didn't had enough $$ to give my willing offering (cos it's in my UOB card..) arghh.. went home after lunch and slept.. overslept big time for evening video duty.. woke up at 4 initially, but i still had 15min grace~ (feel super gei-gao sia) woke up at 5 plus in the end and msg-ed nic =/ was determined to get up of the bed but i felt myself drifting to lala land.. really, i tried shaking and moving myself up, scolded myself to wake up. but i noe that i will fail.. so i told myself, "ok, close eyes first, later den open" opened at 7 plus. GG, service finishing alr..

zz i kinda regretted not being very active in bloggin during sec sch! ): after reading thru past posts esp during art lesson (when Daniel Phua told Gopal that Wilson is an artist =/ !! BLIND) haha! and when Donald alw make racist jokes, Wilson alw eating my tic tac like siao, a lot more lah.. wasted hor! actually more funny stuffs happened at the row i was sitting till i was shifted to other seats ): sian! i think from now on, i will try to blog my daily stuffs from SP.. 4 more weeks (: / ): so fast!

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