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vendredi, mars 05, 2010

♥ last day in MDC

omg, today marks the last day of my "stay" in Machine Development Centre (MDC) in SP's W1112!! 20 weeks in that 20 degrees Celsius room, almost 5 months just passed like that! 20 weeks pass really slow, the last day of sch passes real fast! =( haiz.. and and and, finally took a class photo! like after 2 years! and it's not ev'one somemore.. haiz..
kena owned again today! what's wrong !! since the first week of MDC all the way to the last day of MDC..

update more of MDC in future~ (: if i ever rmb...

Machine Development Centre's entrance~!

that thing to log in ev' day!! =(

awesome locker! though we hardly used it....

that 20 degrees celsius room...

Software Programming Cool ppl! (:

with DME/FT/3B/09

with Assembly guys! cos we did the 1st proj with them!
Semi-Auto Loose Filling Station~

net photo!
another chapter in life has ended..

God shows & teaches me love at...
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