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jeudi, mars 25, 2010

♥ results, jobs, G12

OMG, haven't blogged for 20 days!!
it's been really eventful for the past 20 days. lots more coming up! There's UMA's wedding rehearsal later tonight, and his wedding this sat!! O my gosh, it seemed so fast but we learnt about the news quite a while ago alr! we'll welcome ADA~ hahaha!
okok, gotta update some stuff about my life, gonna be really lengthy cos i doubt anyone will read and this is juz an entry to rmb and laugh at in future! (:

6th March
Handbilling with Pamelia and Sebert in the morning! and i was late again ): boo.. but thank God we finished saturating the handbills on the Miracle Rally! Met up with HS for a CET event at Suntec later afternoon. tot it will be a career fair, it was actually Continuing Education and Training. like sian, kena scam. hahaha.

7th March
Church Service! cant rmb what i did that day =X oh! went down to TPY for recording!

8th March
Must be sleeping until afternoon before finding jobs online! LOL!

9th March
Went to Job Agencies at Tamp CPF building before gg for Nihon Mura's buffet! awesome! since it's gonna be our last student buffet and before we start work... Ate until wanted to die sia. partly becos they changed the system. instead of having waitress to take orders up and down, they provide a paper and expect us to tick the ones we want. in 1 way, it's faster and more reliable. but in another, all the food will arrive at the same time! so we kena the latter. was shocked at the amount of food that we nearly couldn't finish them and didn't even call for 2nd round sia. haiz. such a waste!
Later that night, had Caregroup at Nihon Mura again! nearly wanted to die sia. didn't eat anything there in the end but had great fellowship at there and Starbucks! (which we enjoyed 20% discount with courtesy of Cleone's ex-manager!)

10th March
Sleep and den find jobs online.. went for Roller-Blading and Cycling! omg, i learnt how to stand properly and walk in rollerblades! fell so many times on my butt and my front that i had muscle ache the next day! scary but good attempt! with Cleone as the shi-fu! LOL. den we literally walked from Pasir Ris Park all the way home. how did we did it...

11th March
Sleep, went to Tamp Agencies with Cleone, walked ard tamp central, went to Tamp Safra for bowling! LOL. C was nervous 1/2 of the time cos of her exam results! went to TP design for western food, b4 gg to CS for movie - Up in the Air! Good show!

12th March
find jobs again.... had net at mac! LOL

13th March
find jobs again.. (crap, i realised finding jobs online is very hard lor..)

14th March
Morning Video Duty~ and i think i went home bahh, cant rmb sia...

15th March
sleeping again =/ attempts to find job again. no life sia...

16th March
FINALLY GOT A REPLY! LOL! but stating that i forgot to attach my resume... wth... hahaha.. den went down to VFC Tamp to do housekeeping for UMA's wedding! hahaha.. den finally got a reply! blah blah, gotta head for a consultant interview the next day.

17th March
Head to Ngee Ann City, blah blah. told to go for interview either thurs or fri.. lol.. as a technician! so cool lah! wanted to eat mac value lunch, but got cheated ): boo.

18th March
Leaders' Retreat at VFC Tamp! hahaha, the good thing about having it in church is that it's nearby and lotsa food and break time! went down for interview at AMK. realised that i was super early when i reached the bus stop. interview is at 3:45pm, i was at the bus stop at 2:30! but such a coincidence that it started drizzling & rain! but heng, i rmb yimon's words... "bring umbrella when i go interview" lucky i bring sia! cut the long story short, i managed to find my way to the office itself (so hard also lor!!) at 3:30pm! ya, like what was i doing! anyways, interview went pretty ok lah. den head back home b4 gg to Expo for G12 Conference!
upon reaching home, RE called to say i was offered that job! i've tot of escapism, really. but i felt that now isn't the time. (about some stuffs) and this working shift is 2:45-11:15.. so, u can understand how i felt den. wanted to sign contract the next day, and start work next week, but blah blah blah blah, told them abt UMA's wedding, etc etc (to buffer time) was thinking of it thru-out the G12! ):

19th March
woke up late... den i dropped the bomb when RE called! about changing shift time and etc. at 11 lidat, kns dun allow and i dun want kns! ): hahhahaa! the company's name is super classic! i actually LOL-ed each time i tell ppl/think of it! like what sia... hahahaa.. sorry! kept thinking of the money and etc.. ):

20th March
sent emails in the wee morning, den sleep den G12. late again lah.. hahhaa.. so tried to listen attentively! really tried! i mean, the last time i sat thru lectures of 40 min x 3 speakers is at least last aug! cant rmb the feeling! LOL! so anyways, we went down to Nic's house for dinner b4 cabbing to Expo.

21st March
Nursery Duty in the morning~ den slack in the afternn b4 preparing for Youth Net Rally! hahhaa. cant rmb a lot of things! =X

22nd March
went to help UMA! surprisingly we went to his house and carried some stuffs to surprisingly bring to his new flat! OMG!! the sad thing is that dun have lift, and he's living on the 4th floor akin the highest floor! den silly Jemima fell down at the flight of stairs, not once but twice! hahhaa! but anyway, RE called for another interview at pioneer as an engg asst. sounds more xin nang than the previous, plus lesser working hours, plus got transport! den went to TPY to bring video cameras to tamp building.. den packed the mess which was left overnight! :(

23rd March
the interview at Pioneer Cres was at 9am, expected to reach at 8:45am. took the bus at 8am! super early lor! den..... the lil drama dash starts....

i realised juz below Simei Mrt Station that morning that my right pump felt weird, when i took the bus at Boon Lay, den i realised that my shoe was spoiling! if got such term.. pretty worried but i knew that i can do it!

on the bus, realised i missed my stop! after getting off the next stop, realised that i may be lagging 2 stops! (i dunno y i was thinking of that) but after thinking and debating with myself for 5 min, i decided to walk to the previous bus stop! (i dunno y i didn't wanna take bus instead!) so while walking, i realised that not all is pavement! means i gotta walk on the road itself and it's so dangerous with all the big vehicles leh. plus i cant afford to walk on grass cos my shoe's spoiling and it started to drizzle!

so there was a gas station and cheers nearby. decided to maybe buy a pair of slippers. i rather wear slippers than be barefooted lor. but they don't sell them! what rotten luck! ahh, so i tot maybe juz tahan when RE called if i was reaching soon, etc.. immediately after the conversation ended, my shoe went SNAPPED! crap! cannot wear at all! walked to the opp bus stop, and decided to call RE again abt this. plus, a heavy downpour juz came! ): wanted to go to JP and buy shoes but they say dun, juz take taxi down to interview.. :(

so at the bus stop, i wanted to throw my shoes away (stupid tot!) the aunty at the bus stop stopped me and searched for rubber bands in her bag! :D wow! lucky she had 2 leh!! =D so i juz wore the shoes in the end.. den bus came and i was pretty worried for the bus uncle bcos even i could hardly see what is ahead of me! the rain was so heavy luh! stopped at the next stop and saw the building opposite! so near yet so far! REALLY!! i couldn't even see the entrance from the bus stop!

the rain was so heavy that even my umbrella flew when i placed it on the chair at the bus stop. wow. amazing. quickly flagged a taxi and felt very pai sei about wetting the seats! hahaha! funnily, i told the uncle that i wanted to go to that building *points to that building* and he started laughing at me being drenched! (lucky again, i wore double layer, cos i was drenched to the max!) hahaha, so i told the taxi uncle that my shoe's spoilt also, and he laughed and laughed! and when i told him that i was going to that building for a job interview, he lagi laughed until like siao! aiyo! felt so embarrassing lah, but it's a fact lor, even i wanted to laugh at myself! what luck hor! so the kind taxi uncle gave me his towel to dry myself and kept commenting on the company building cos there's no windows (quite true), and the entrance was very far in.. gotta walk for ard 10 min b4 the entrance.

then, upon reaching the company, the taxi uncle exclaimed that he forgot to turn on the meter! LOL! so he wanted to charge me $4 (since there's also peak hour charge) but decided to charge $3 instead! thank God!

my feelings that morning was so mix mix, happy, thankful, glad, sian-ed, etc.

and so juz when i tot ev'thing is gonna be alright at the company itself, (even the security guards were laughing at my shoes! LOL!) i saw the same applicant who was at AMK with me in the same place! like, what are the odds! LOL! i have the weird feeling that i know her in my normal life.. but, ya! i was appalled! hahaha.

ok, den interview was ok lor! i mean, how to comment on interview? if i say Good, den sekali they dun wan me, den how? if i say bad, den sekali they wan me, den how? is either full of confidence or lack of it right! that's y i only say, ok lor! hahaha!

went down to JP's pretty fit to buy shoes! (: ex but worth it lah.

later that day at 4 plus, RE called to say i was offered. couldn't think of anything but to accept since this company seems better than previous (personally, cos at least the night hours are avail), and even though i have to wake up super duper early which i'm fine with now (i know i will curse and swear in future), this is to train myself if i can ever get into NTU mah! hahhaa! i feel proud of my own mindset! LOL!

ok, so they called me to sign contract the next day, which is 24th! cut long story short, parents don't mind, only thing is what time to wake up if sis is using toilet at 5, bro is using at 5:30, when i need to catch the bus at 6:40 ):

24th March
finally! i think this is my longest post ever! =D hahaha!
okay, so final semester results coming out today! and i slept thru the night instead of staying up! haha, lucky cos didn't received any email when i checked at 7am.
so blah blah blah, on the train ard 8:05, was sms-in HS when my results came out! yes!! supervisor BOK is so kind and he really kept his promise and he gave us an A, GPA is 4.000! OMG lah, my 1st and last 4.0 in my whole poly life! cGPA went up le, though it still lose to my 1st cGPA by 0.004, but at least i've tried my best to pull my grades up! (: thank you Jesus for favour! really, without favour also, u cant achieve much!

den went down to sign contract, den went to JP's clinic for medical checkup (ev'thing in 1 hr), den went to RE at jurong east to pay introduction fee :( den went to SP for lunch (where i saw other MDC supervisors!! heng is not botak!) and buy SP shirts cos i long time no see too, den went to Aunt Choo's house to pass to her Weiwen's bday present, and then i went back home! it was continuously lor! just 23rd and 24th's bus and train fares alr take up at least $15!! i'm so shocked and lost for words sia! ):

ok, i finally updated the long drama which was 1 week episode! hahaha, really tired now. i typed out like siao, now alr 1:50am. gg to sleep now! au revoir!

Happy 13th birthday to Wei Wen! (24th)
Happy 20th birthday to Feisal! (14th)
Happy 21st birthday to Wei Ming! (21st)
Happy birthday to Madeline! (20th)
Happy 20th birthday to Wei Jian (25th)

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