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jeudi, novembre 18, 2010

♥ Full time work, part time studies

Hmm.. The reason why I'm not sleeping is because I'm still trying to finish my assignments! Dun think I'm hardworking hor, it's because I've been procrastinating a lot. On one hand, it was due to workload. It increased tremendously in Oct, in fact it's more than double the workload.. Plus my lecturer needed to do make-up classes cos we will miss 4 classes if he's on leave! Oh man, we had to suffer for him to enjoy his holiday! Lol.. So it was 4 classes a week - mon tues wed and fri. Traveling from pioneer to toa payoh, den taking the red line to Bishan, den taking the circle line to Serangoon, den taking the purple line to Hougang, den having a good 10 min walk to my school and still having to go thru the fear of getting bird shit from the massive birds is REALLY no joke! In the month of Oct, 4 classes a week, heavy workload-need to do OT until wee hours is seriously no fun. Been thinking a lot, year end bonus or a break to focus on my studies for now. Bonus leh, I can buy lots of stuff for Christmas and my Australia trip in January! Studies will also determine my future leh.. So I decided to go for the latter. Yes, I've tendered my resignation letter last Friday :) gave my boss a shock, really sorry but I needed to do it.

Since I started my studies, I told myself to do well to prove to my pa that I can handle! My determination level was like 100% but as my workload increased, plus colleagues kept picking on us, I started neglecting my studies, my work wasn't very productive, I started feeling stressed! Like seriously.

Dreamt of my work many times:
That I needed to do OT and was on my way to take the transport
That I needed to finish up 1 last parameter (before waking up)
Sleep-talk of how many lines production is gonna produce..
Line 203, 204, PF4, PF6..
Even talk about my work subconsciously: when my pa and I talking about A380 to Australia, I kept saying A30H which was somewhat similar (A20H) to my work..

I mean this is really bad and signs of a workaholic. I needed to study! I really need to. Plus I'm not resigning because of studies alone but it's because of the job scope itself. No sense of achievements just by doing 33 weekly reports. I don't learn anything maybe that's why I also couldn't adjust back to my study mode.. Not really worth to neglect my studies mah. Rather use the month after I become unemployed(hohoho!!) to study for my examinations.

A piece of advice: try not to work and study at the same time. Unless you really need the money for your family.
Cliche but really true. 不听老人言,吃亏在眼前.
The only thing which can encourage me to continue working in future is because my current workplace is super far!! =X

Ok that's about it. I dunno how I'm gonna wake up in 1 hour time to go to work.. I feel better having to blog this whole chunk after so long (:

Donkey and Pancake at my desk :) haha!

Colleagues :) will miss them..

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