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lundi, janvier 24, 2011

♥ Melbourne Day 10

Ok, basically travelled down to city area and had lunch at McDonald. Well, it's probably a s'porean instinct. There were birds flying and coming towards us in McDonald! I told the worker and she just smiled as if she heard it 100 over times le... Wah, the more we zhao from the birds, the more they follow us lor! Den I saw an old lady feeding the bird. It's bcos of kind ppl like them, the birds lose their natural hunting for worms skill....

Spot the small bird!

Den went to federation square for tour bus to arrive! Yes, we were so close to Australian Open (it's just 5 min walk away!!) but we couldnt even be bothered to watch on tv lah...

First stop- Churchill island~ we got to see wallabies, sheep, horses, piglets, chicks, flowers. There was a sheep shearing demo also! A pity I didn't bring camera the other time (much closer view!!!)


Wallaby! A smaller kind of kangaroo..

Sheep after being sheared..

2 horses! :p

Quack quack..

Haha! This kinda game to feed the animals..

2nd stop - Phillip Island koala conservation.. All of them just showed their backsides or either so high up on the tree.. The tour guide was sharing that koala 's lives are basically very lazy. After they eat leaves, they sleep, then maybe change tree and eat and sleep. The total time they take to change trees and etc is only 4 min a day! wahh super lazy lah...

One of the better shots!
Wallaby again..

3rd Stop- at the other end of PI! Super cold cos we are facing towards antarctica! And had dinner there..

4th and last stop- penguin parade itself. Our tour bus guide gave us a tip! To not sit at the concrete steps facing the sea cos it's not a parade literally, the so-called parade is real life de. He told us to stand along the pathways and it turned out that he was right! When the sunsets, the penguins head home and walks in groups. They'll walked across the beach heading towards the bushes, and den 1 or 2 penguins will stay put at a spot till the next batch arrives. Passing the baton luh.. The penguins we saw are the smallest kind, so cute and small! A pity we can't take pics cos it might blind them due to the flash. Stayed there till 10 and headed back to Melbourne! Wah reached Bell City at 1:20am and packed luggage till 4am :(

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