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dimanche, janvier 23, 2011

♥ Melbourne Day 2

Slept ard 7pm last night all the way to 9 plus this morning!
It is raining here at Melbourne again. Sian.

So heavy rain! Even the building is slightly covered!

Went to Victoria Market this afternoon! It's like Bugis Street lah but a really big version plus groceries too.

Packing up for the day!

Nice clouds lah! After the rain!!

Den walked around CBD area, Chinatown (and had 大长今 for lunch/dinner) ehh can't rmb what other stuffs happen but my iso 400 film fail TTM :( wasted 1 film... Oh! Went to a casino at crowne entertainment centre and I'm not underaged!!! :D plus dont hafta pay entry fee! Haha.

Teppan yaki style..

Federation Square!

Cool! Restaurant on a tram!

Went back to apt and cooked dinner ! Oh man, it's expensive to eat here... :(

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