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dimanche, janvier 23, 2011

♥ Melbourne Day 6

Cold weather today, feel like mucus coming out.. Can't imagine how some Aussies can still wear shorts..
Reached school surprisingly on time! Den heard from lecturer that future batch school fees are gonna increase due to the high AUD value now. And will not give textbooks alr! Suay or lucky sia.

And we are on the trip to some turbine places and I didn't bring jie's camera and my hp!! Suay.. really unlucky! It's a farm tour! Direct contact with cows, sheep, dogs, kangaroo! So wasted! :( the only camera I had was my diana mini ... Our lunch was sumptuous- lamb and chicken. A pity I couldn't finish them. Didn't head for the toilet as lecturer said it's only a 15 min drive. And I'm tahaning my 尿尿 again ( cos his 5 min walk from parkside inn turned out to be a 5 min drive, so his 15 min drive is gonna be at least 1 hour. DIE.)
"if you drink, then drive, you're a bloody idiot" - an advertisement on the way to next stop - victorian desalination project. How they used salt water to become fresh water.. The design and etc in detail.. Though I suddenly felt that s'pore having the plant to recycle water (newater) is more smart... Haha...
And then a visit to the wind turbines, tahan my 尿尿 until 4:30 cos of the super long queue and only 1 cubicle! :( not the main point! The wind turbines generate electricity - can't rmb how much megawatts though. Prolly check the website...:/ hoho. Ehh not necessary cos we are given the brochure! :)
Reached back sch ard 7:30, for once my tcher's prediction was right! He said 2.5 hrs journey, ok his 33.3% accurate.. Haha..
Den went back w the tram, zzz stopped 1 stop early, walk the extra mile :/
Oh well, nothing much happened after that.. Zzz...

Lol! Only souvenir I bought cos I didn't bring camera!

Au revoir!
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