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lundi, février 14, 2011

♥ Church & Youth Camps!

Ahhhhhh... I wanna go for Church camp and Youth Camp this year!!! Thank God it's available on 2 different weeks so I can go for the Adults' at Penang first followed by Youths' at Rompin! Haiz, imagine Uncle Melvin's hard work (if he's gg for camps!) for setting up the major equipments at Penang & Malacca for 2 consecutive weeks! Stress! Lucky I'm not working so I dun have to bother taking leaves!! :p BUT a new school term might start on 6/Jun :( crap lah! Want to skip class also dangerous. I hope it won't clash! :/

Had nursery duty on Sunday morning and was shocked that En Min has graduated from Nursery to Carpenters' Workshop alr :( hahaha.. Gonna sound old if i'm typing abt this, but i've literally seen Aunty Grace's 4 kids since I joined Nursery! =/ I can totally uds why relatives alw love to say "哇!长大了,以前你才这么小.." blah blah blah.. Cos they really see us when we were that small! What more, my parents also have 4 kids... If only I'm a child again (minus those days when need to do homework and pa have to check ev night, climb the walls to turn on the lights, always switching off the tv whenever pa suddenly returns from work, pretending to sleep in the room and getting exposed when he tickles our feet, alw cry very pitifully at the correct time when i get bullied (haha! Must cry 5 min b4 pa comes back, very nicely placed! ), mummy to dig my ear cos alw kena blood, list goes on...)

Okie! I drove auto car again ytd! :) I'm quite proud of my parking cos it's much much better alr lah. Ha, but I kinda deserve to bang my head against the wall lah. My gear was at D and hand brake and i wanted to turn off my engine and get off the car. Wah thankfully I managed to catch my own mistake after a short while else I think I will do smth very stupid like the first time I drove manual car 2 years back.. Bad memories, haha!

Anw I still can't uds why students will still quit Local Uni after being enrolled.. WHY U ALL WANT TO ACCEPT IN THE FIRST PLACE :( ooops no offense, but I'm really curious.. meow!

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