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vendredi, mars 18, 2011

♥ Absolute Boyfriend drama!

Sad! It's been nearly 2 years since channel U last broadcast the drama 'absolute boyfriend'.. But the ending never changed mah.. Still a touching and teary ending :( wanted to repeat the same stuffs as what I blogged 2 years back.. Thankfully I read that post first, haha! The soundtrack is really good! #doyouknow that the author asked a singer to compose a song just for this drama! The singer and music producer are genius sia! So meaningful and really related to the whole manga! (wiki said so! She read the whole manga b4 composing~) Wah, or else how we can alw cry when each episode ends!! #doyouknow fact2 the singer and the main actor (NOT the robot! The human- soushi) actually married each other after pa tou-ing for less than a year! #doyouknow fact3 the robotic actor is a mixed blood! Jap and Filipino! Omt! No wonder he so dark skinned! I was thinking the other day that if I were to watch this drama again 5-10 years later, would I still cry despite alr knowing the ending!!! Confirm plus chop lor!
#doyouknow fact4 there's gonna be a TAIWAN version of Absolute Boyfriend! Wu Chun is gonna be the robot and the same Korean actress who acted in Boys Over Flowers is gonna be Rikko! What?!???!?? I thought it's a Taiwan drama?!?!? Y Korean became main actress? Haha! Sorry, super ji dong! Lol! Funny thing's that all the ladies wanna find this kind of perfect bf.. Cos of dramas like these, that's danger to the men!

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