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mardi, avril 26, 2011

♥ Dreams while sleeping

- I dreamt that I was one of a dozen (literally 12) who was chosen to go to..... the MOON! So cool n exciting can. It was a one in a lifetime dream/experience cos I can never afford! Haha.. The gross part of my dream was that due to a lower gravity in space as compared to earth, I think 90% difference right? If u weigh 60 kg on earth, on the moon will be 6 kg?? I could not control the amount of saliva that's in my mouth as the body is in a different environment! Hahaha, so I happened to jump when I stayed thr for ard 5 sec, den I kept puking them out cos mouth couldn't control. I saw others just swallowing but I found it gross lor! Ironic.. So in actual life, I was really na-nuaing! Lol.. Ewwwwww.. So due to this, I was called back to earth cos I failed in my mission.. What the heck.. Lol! Den otw back, I tried to swallow my saliva and surprisingly it wasn't as gross as I tot! But too late, forced to go back to earth.. I rmb eating Kfc in my dream after that. Hahahahaha! These must be due to the Guinness and Kfc adverts!

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