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lundi, avril 18, 2011

♥ Pre exam workshops

I alw encounter this whenever I take taxi down to school!
1) eh uncle, Upper Serangoon Road
2) which part? Eh, opposite Holy Innocents High School or Hougang Plaza...
3) oohh, which way you wanna go? Eh, TPE?

Zzzz like I know my roads well lidat... Den i will stop opp my sch and take overhead bridge. Anyway, this morning I decided to tell the driver to go by TPE, exit at Buangkok Dr and den turn to Upper Serangoon. More details for once! Haha.. But this taxi driver helped me to "analyze" a new way!
Note to self for future uses.. Go by old Tamp road, den go towards Hougang ave 7! Sad thing is fare still e same cos distance is almost e same..

Workshop was powerpacked! Past 2 days was intense, he did 1 hour more in total ! But thankful for this ws cos I never understood Mechanical Design!

Solid Mechanics ws for 2 days was more of understanding than calculating! Which is good and...dry Zzzz haha... Damn scared for exam cos it seemed so difficult..

I need to finish my project!
Argh screw it! Damn Microsoft office can't work at all! What more Microsoft Word! How to do my project! #pissedoff

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