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lundi, mai 02, 2011

♥ SHDS ex-colleagues farewell gathering

Just met up with SHDS clique on saturday, after 3 months!! it was mainly to give Priya a farewell cos she's leaving for India on May 12 at 815pm.. (i'm super super sad that i cant send her off cos of my examination at 645pm the same day!) so Jennifer and myself went down to Nazreen's house to do a compilation of Priya's farewell gift! well i didnt take any photos of the present but thankfully she likes it! and den we head down to Jurong Point's KFC for late lunch.. hahahhaha, cos she still not used to Spore food, so she only eat KFC, McD and Pizza Hut, LOL! so the 6 of us met up (Priya and her husband, Serene, Naz, Jennifer and me) and had a great gathering of reminising or old days / current (for Naz!!) and school.. hahhaha.. i'll prolly add some photos (after i scan/receive via email)~ :)

sad :(

and i havent finished my proj! and not started studying for my 2 exams next week!

double (( chin

oh! i juz rmb-ed this at KFC! HAHHAHA.. that day we wanted to ask someone to take group photos for us, instant and digital cameras.. but, the publics' hands were are dirty since we are at KFC (fingers licking good!) so we decided to ask the staff to do us the favour, but i got disgusted immediately after she refused to help cos she "don't want and scared later kena scold"! i mean, hello! YOU WON'T GET FIRED COS YOU HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS TO TAKE PHOTOS!


side note..

CLEONE IS COMING BACK THIS THURSDAY 5TH MAY!! :D I can kpo and fetch her at the airport!! happy :)

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