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samedi, juin 18, 2011

♥ Youth Camp 2011 Unshakable

Unshakable!!!! 1 of the most awesome Youth Camp I ever went.. God's presence was so strong, the anointing of God was refreshing and every single session just spoke to me. Never felt God so real before and I really am thankful for being a child of God..

Nevertheless, my games group Nexus was equally great and fun! I mean, not to compare or anything.. This group is so awesome! Nic Sow and Ezabella was our GL and AGL but there is so much that I learnt from them. Fear of the Lord, humility, trusting in the Lord. Some may think that games group is just a group where we gather to play Youth Camp games but this group not only do that.
I learnt how to be a good sportsman - encourage the losing groups, congratulate the winning groups, be thankful for what we have even though didn't win, going all out to do our best and have fun! I mean these may seems like very normal and etc but seriously, is anyone willing to do these? A typical Singaporean will go "why are we waiting x2457744678", "we will win the war x45633678877", etc..
Even though our group won quite a number of games by God's grace, we still didn't made it to Top 5.. In fact, 6th position lol! But it's ok cos we'd done our best n enjoyed the process n the bonding sessions. Games, meals, devotions, group cheers, camou, etc..

I can't believe I was so sad when the camp was ending. But I know God is gonna use each n ev'one of us for His glory n to shine FOR Him! Stand firm and unshakable!

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