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vendredi, juillet 08, 2011

♥ Universal Studios Singapore

Yes!! finally went down to USS to play!~

weekday's tickets cost $66, and express ticket cost ~$33 or smth?
i still think that taking the express ticket is actually more worth it, cos you wont be really playing rides again cos ppl tend to try once and go and try others.. and the waiting time also need to be counted, got queue up to 90 min! wahh super long and the weather was so scotching hot that we nearly melted!
the rides was very fun! really, the battlestar, shrek 4D, revenge of the mummy~ roller coasters are fun! other exciting rides are like the canopy flyer, carousel, waterboat's. lol..
well if i were to go again, i'll just get the express tickets on a wed~! :P

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