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dimanche, septembre 11, 2011

♥ 4-14 Windows Global Summit III /MacBook Pro Rants

it had been a long week! 4/14 was held at Sembawang VFC building from 6-9 Sept. it's one of the biggest event which i've helped so far, this year.. Go4th for held at Expo in May, but we had contractors and workers to do video/sound and setting up of workshops. Unless Conference in late June was held in VFC Tamp and it was pretty ok bcos there wasn't many workshops/seminars available :X but this 4/14 was the ultimate. there's 12 tracks, 10 workshops and 13 regional consultations. wahh, i would totally enjoy them if i was a delegate :P haha.. working behind stage isn't exactly good, cos it's so tiring sometimes.. ev'one has expectations and sometimes you won't get appreciated (not saying during this conference arhhhh) all i can say is, really need to draw strength from the Lord. Since I've alr taken this step to serve in this ministry, i should serve with a willing and cheerful heart! it's tiring, really tiring sometimes, and discouragement just sets in. :( #IMHoldingOnToYou

oh, i'd gotten myself a MacBook Pro last friday at the Comex fair! and i was so lucky to have gotten the MBP that has a distorted display! #win on the first day alr encountered, but i ignored cos i tot is just coincidental and the sudden sound scared me, thus did a forced shut down. 2nd day also kena! "wah, really or not sia. got so lucky meh!" and then the following few days, i only used sparingly - like 1/2 hr - 1hr max. and then on wed night, after 4/14, i used it and it showed the distorted display again!

>>LONG DRAGGY STORY AHEAD>> so i brought it down to Sapura at Funan IT Mall on thurs to enquire my mac's prob, and they told me to go to the EPICENTRE outlet (which i gotten my laptop from) to check if it's the free 8gb ram that was causing the problem. so i went down to Wheelock Place EpiCentre and queued up for the no. The lady told me that i qualified for a 1-for-1 exchange since it was still within the 14 days. so i asked her how about my screen protector (that i bought during the fair), my 8gb ram and my AppleCare Protection Plan. and all she did was to tell me these... "you can inform the ppl there (pointing over to the sales side) and they will do for you"
So.. i brought my box and evthing down to EpiCentre Wheelock Place on Friday 11am sharp. and the sales person (with a lil short tongue) told me that there isn't any stocks available at their outlet! WTH?! how can no stock one? is like opening a chicken rice stall and tell the customer that your chicken is out of stock, when it is still opening hours lor! so he told me that the only outlet that has the stock is at Marina! arghhhhh. so i said that i will go down to collect thinking it was Marina Square. So i took the train down to City Hall when i had this feeling to google the place, and to my horror! i found out that EpiCentre is at Marina Bay Sands not Marina Square! big difference leh! HELLO, who the hell will wanna go all the way down there to collect when it is YOUR responsibility to do it after all right?! i went back to Wheelock Place AGAIN with a BLACK face. i told him to get it for me to collect on Saturday, and i dun wanna collect it from Marina on my own! n den i asked him about the AppleCare again, and he said that i needed to contact them my own to change the hardware no (since i'm doing a 1-for-1 exchange). den i asked, what is their no?! and he said that i should check it online on my own! LIKE WTH! SERIOUSLY! so i flared up and nearly shouted, "can't you just check for me?!" and he returned with a number : 1800-MYAPPLE. den i left my macbook over there cos i was so angry to bring it along to the 4/14!

Saturday... collected the new macbook pro. had this feeling that it wasn't new cos there was tear and scotch tape on the box, a slight scratch on the mac, the seal sticker looked different! and i was forced to say BYE to my screen protector! felt like giving them shit for 3 meals for the next 3 years sia! when i went down to my grandma house and attempted calling the hotline, it turned out that the STUPID sales man gave me the wrong number! he gave me the US hotline and not the Singapore number itself! like THANKS FOR NOTHING! and so had to google it and found out that the hotline closes at 3pm, when it was alr 320pm! #unlucky i dunno what to say, but just typing these out makes my blood boil lah.. in the end, jie called the singapore hotline and it diverted to US no and they showed a little attitude. n now need to call the Singapore Hotline when they start working on MONDAY! you guys better not give me stupid Monday Blues Crap! i had the worst weekend in my life hor! WTH, i am just freaking suay! like suay things comes together!

dunno whether to be happy that i bought a Mac or not. like, i really dunno whether should i be happy or remember this stupid incident. it reminds me of my awful service at STARHUB in march! #SUAYTTM

ok, gonna end here! it's alr 2 plus! so ANGRY!

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