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lundi, mars 26, 2012

♥ 1 Night 2 Days

just finished watching 2 days and 1 night (or 1N2D) - korean variety show! there's like 244 episodes but i only watched the recent ones, frm 199 onwards! HAHA, cos this show started in 2007, dun wanna use so much time watching past episodes.. the last time i watched this kinda variety show was in 2009 - we got married! i rmb watching until the very last pioneer couple - crown j and SIY (can't rmb the name..) left in feb 2009. i think most of the pioneer couples left between nov 2008 - feb 2009, so was crying like crazy lah.. hahahaha, and 1N2D's first season ended recently, this time round, Eun Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi (both in e show for 5-6 yrs!) left in epi 244.. sad ttm.. but shall still continue watching it when the next episode comes out! :)
just finished watching episode 1 of season 2! it's true that the 4 new members and producer can't be compared with those who left lah, at least these new ppl are trying... now i gotta chase after the show every week.. zzzzz...

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