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jeudi, mars 29, 2012

♥ The Hippocratic Crush (36 Hours On Call)

currently watching this HK drama which ended recently, On Call 36 小時!

Heard some reviews that it's good and the operation and etc is very real. Sadly, in my own opinion of cos, can't be compared with the Korean drama - New Heart (2007)..

I seriously think NH is a more practical drama in terms of medical, and the scenes (which are really gross) in the OT looks more realistic compared to 36hrs. I like how NH focus a lot on hospital and houseman-ship (if there's such a word), i mean that's the whole point of creating this drama series right? to create awareness of how doctors & nurses take care of patients. Not so sure about 36hrs, though i have a feeling that it's gonna be the typical HK drama with romance. Yeah, maybe my opinion of this show will change after watching finish this series.. ok, i should stop being so biased against 36hrs..

Apr 4
just finished watching! As expected, not so much of a medical drama, more like the usual romance type. they tried to show some operating theatre scenes, but still... FAIL... it's too fake... like what i said, maybe cos I watched New Heart, expectations too high... i rate it 3/10.. (cos i dun like the medical part. FAIL)

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