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samedi, avril 14, 2012

♥ Never enough...

Packing my closet at this unholy hour! Started at 1am and almost done by now.. Left a little more before I can sleep... �� am totally shocked by the amount of clothes I have.. I mean, shopping and online shopping also played a big part in its multiplication, but 1 of the main factor is definitely all my SP shirts!!! Yes! So many SP, YOG, camp Tshirt in my cupboard and I feel super paisei to wear it out leh... HAHA, I mean if I'm still studying in SP, I wouldn't mind wearing... But it's different now, yeah I've gotten the RMIT polo tee but who wears it in Singapore!!!! I will wear it if I'm in Melbourne, at least it feels more authentic, HAHA.. No lah, it just feels weird lah.. And I dun have any other school camps to go to, else can "dispose" some shirts (I alw throw clothes away when I go camp / long trips...) so u can imagine the pile of clothes seems to be growing healthily.. Anyway, the main point is the irony in life - we are never satisfied! True true? Like an addiction to keep buying things yet you know that you prolly wouldn't use it very often! Die lah, need to stop... After 2 hours of packing, I have arrived to a conclusion.... I shall not do online or offline shopping for the next 3 months! Next 100 days lah, sounds more cool.. But it won't start till next mon cos I really Really REALLY wanna buy something online on Sunday! HAHA... Shit me... I will start on 16 April 2012... (argh just realised that I'll be meeting my frens on e following tues and thurs! Dang...! Self control, self discipline!)

*i am surprised if you actually managed to read thru that whole chunk of words, I'm not going thru to double check my grammar, too long and silly to read these.. Lol..

1, 2, 3... awwww...!

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shitzzzzzzz.. should had stayed close to my thoughts... why did i give in to temptation!!! :(

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