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dimanche, avril 15, 2012

♥ Planetshakers is coming to Singapore!

YES! wow, VFC is so blessed to have Planetshakers here in Singapore this coming Sunday (22 Apr) for worship!!

Yes it's true!! During evening service earlier today, Pastor Danny Han was just sharing how one of the members called him, and said he and team wanna bless the church (& Singapore)!

I've googled (stalker) that it's cos they're heading to Manila, Philippines on 21 Apr, and so i reckon they are stopping over at Singapore (that explains their stay in Singapore, logically!)
but of course, so happy and awesome that they actually chose to come down! God is so good!!!

It's free at Victory Family Centre, Tampines St 43, Singapore.... at 5:30pm!
invite your friends and yourselves! you don't have to wait for FOP this august, you can see them this SUNDAY!

I LOVE TO GO, but i wouldn't be able to make it in time. someone please kill me...

I went to Melbourne this Jan, had 2 SUNDAYS there, and i NEVER went to the church there. This time round, they are coming to VFC, and i have Pre Exam Workshops that weekend!! it ends at 6pm at Tanjong Pagar!! i feel so %@%$$%$ HAHA! cannot skip PEW some more, cos it's lecturers from Melbourne that's coming down! ZZZZZZ someone, please kill me... i kid.

So whoever is reading this, please go and enjoy the service in lieu of me... I guess i will just watch the awesome video that's recorded in the video room the following week :( i know, i know...

Apr 18
just listened to their 'Heal Our Land' album! so happy that the songs that i've been finding for ages (actually is since June 2011), is in this album! listen to the album if you can!

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