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mardi, mai 22, 2012

♥ Dramas!

Ok, there's a lot of dramas that i wanna watch now!

1) 1 King 2 Hearts (watching till ep 4 only cos it's a drag to watch sia...)

2) The Equator Man (waiting to download/watch ep 19 & 20 this weekend!)

3) Rooftop Prince (i hope it's a good show...)

4) Bridal Mask (Joo Won from 2D1N is acting, starting after either 1 of the shows above ends... all the above has 20 episodes)

5) Hong Kong Drama - Gloves Come Off / 拳王 (just finished premiering 25 episodes but haven't started watching :/)

6) HK - House Of Harmony and Vengeance / 耀舞長安 (read reviews that it's pretty nice.. still airing though)

7) The Woman who Still Wants to Marry (heard from esther that it's worth watching! hope it's as good as "Man Who Can't Marry"! )

8) Take Care of Us, Captain
Same actor who acted in 'He who can't marry'. watching till ep 4 but quite lazy to watch on :]

9) 1 Night and 2 Days (i have decided, i shall download instead of streaming online in future... and i download 2 HQ korean episodes! even though i couldn't uds, but at least still managed to laugh at the games! All i can say is.. either the editing crew is lousy, kept showing the same old stuffs = boring. or there's really little stuff going on.. have to admit that besides the first 2 trips (ep 1-4) the other episodes is kinda dry.... :( plus there was the recent labour strike... mega cui... but i will continue on watching!!!! )
23 May
ahhh just watched the 200th special episode of 2D1N of season 1, cos Tae Woong brought his dog along for that trip. wah, games were really funny. zzzz now i miss the season 1 crew.... :/

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