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vendredi, mai 04, 2012

♥ eBay

ok, can't help but to blog about this incident that i'm currently facing on eBay.

Bought a LongChamp Large Le Pliage Bag in Black from a buyer on ebay, and managed to get it at an auction price of GBP36 w free shipment. after conversion would be approx SGD74. I know that it's a little too cheap for a Longchamp bag but cos it's on an auction, i have every reason to believe that the cost is reasonable. P/S. i sold a KS bag at USD20.50 on an auction, and i bid it at USD99 when i got it then. So i have every reason to assume that GBP36 was ok for an authentic brand right! You may think i'm so dumb, why never check the photos and ask the seller. True, i admit i didn't asked before i bid, BUT i did mentioned this in a note when i made payment after i won the listing immediately! i asked "Hi there, bag is a genuine long champ brand right? :)" and the only photo available was this:

How to know if real or fake right! Item was shipped on 9th April and was questioning the seller cos by 29th April, still no news.... (i ordered something slightly later than this, but got the package earlier than the bag, economy shipping also lor) But thankfully the seller responded and the very next day, i received the bag cos it was on its way! :) I never noticed anything cos i was really happy with my purchase (like 11/10 happiness!!) and left feedback about it. It wasn't till 2-3 hrs later, i noticed that the label said something really funny... "Les Pliages Loncchamp Type, Modele Depose Made in France" hmmmmm.. i only know "Le Pliage" , "Longchamp" and "modèle déposé" leh...
Pardon picture quality, hp camera really cui. So i google-d it immediately and got this link!

It was an article on ebay about FAKE Longchamp bag!!
Read through it if you wanna purchase in future!

I did message the seller but no response! oh, i got the bag on Wed, May 2nd. found out at night, filed on Thurs afternoon cos no response. my message included these:

"... i realized that the one i've gotten is not an authentic Longchamp bag. I am very disappointed and upset that you did not made it clear that it was NOT a genuine brand despite me including a note questioning about its authenticity when i made payment in 6th April.

I am really disappointed, and would like to request for a refund while I ship the bag back to you....."

And guess what, the seller is no longer a registered member! yeah, with a feedback of only 2, i should had known better! if still no response within next 7days, i will definitely file to paypal and get them to do something cos that's the rule :) haha.. beware ya! i really angry sia! made me so happy and then cui! i mean it's not like i don't carry imitation stuffs, of cos i do. BUT the fact that you thought you purchase a GENUINE item cos seller NEVER mentioned / gave FALSE information, and it turned out otherwise, what else can i react? for the $$ that i pay, i'm only willing to pay SGD15 for such bag, and not $74! come on, the mia leh!! brand brand brand.. and since i bought it on eBay, it's easier to "settle", i hope. rather than go blogshop and have those kinda mini dispute over emails..

Ok, so please take note of purchases in future! :)
may 5th
zzzz surprisingly can find lots of replica stuffs on ebay as well. I think after today onwards, i will NEVER buy "branded" stuff that ships from Hong Kong anymore. ARGH, hate fake stuffs!
first Long Champ, now Kate Spade. next what?!

may 10th
lesson 1: never sell items on ebay to fellow ppl. no offence, but i really hate ppl bargaining.

may 19th
YAY! case finally closed, with seller not responding at all, but thank God that paypal allowed full refund :)

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