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mardi, juin 05, 2012

♥ Church camp day 1

Ok, day 1 of church camp was great!! 04-06-12

Woke up at 5:45am and left home approx 6:55am for church bus at 7:30am..

Very thankful to God for super smooth traffic, no traffic jam on a Monday morning! :) reached KL sky hotel at 2:30pm and was a little disappointed at the room :( feeling very bitter sia, but not good thoughts so still thankful for FREE WIFI at this hotel!! But it's the thoughts when night sessions end at 9 plus 10, den very sian to walk back to hotel...

But accommodations and complaints aside, I still find the food not bad!!!! :)

The first session was by Pastor Sergio. Really good, can't use other words to describe it. But he was talking about how ppl are the chosen ones, but retreats due to fear etc. it's like how a couple gets pregnant because both of them were willing and wanted the baby! So in e same way, like how pastor Sergio mentioned, we need to get pregnant (super funny hearing all the men saying it!!)

Love the illustrations he uses, and the session 1 this night..

Btw, rooming with Rebecca, clarissa and Madeline at Sky Hotel!! :D

//love the fact that I can use Internet in the hotel !! :)

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