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mardi, juin 05, 2012

♥ Church camp day 2

Church camp day 2 today!! 05-06-12

Woke up at 615am for breakfast at Berjaya Times Square at 730am... Was looking forward to it since previous night!! :)

After breakfast, we had worship in shaun's room and stayed till 850am..

And then we had youth sessions with pastor Benny Prescott!! Love the session cos it started at high note!

Then we had youth activity at Sunway Lagoon!! About half an hour bus journey from Berjaya to SWL... Sleepy..

We reached thr ard 1245pm, and we're entitled to 3 theme parks.. The water park, amusement park and wildlife park.. Very bad directories, really bad.. We wanted to go to the amusement park, and were alr standing infront of wildlife. We saw the escalators but no signs or anything to say that leads to where.. So we had to waste time walking back and forth.. Anw we had lunch from Mary Brown and it was pretty ok..

The games! Sadly I only played 2 rides... Roller coaster and a 360deg game.. Roller coaster v normal.. But the 360 deg game was shiok! I think the real fun was not only because it goes 360 deg, it's faster speed as cmp to the other look like Viking ship.. And the so-called seat belt is not as tight , as in for skinnier ppl, we will not be able to fit in to the handle and etc properly, cos its standard distance and etc. so when move up and down, backside will fly, legs will fly, super scary but fun!!

After that, went back to gather and headed back to BTS at 5pm.. Was contemplating to bathe or not cos I lazy to walk back, but went to bathe anyway. 1 word- SHIOK! Felt soooooo good.

Had dinner and then youth session again. Was on video duty.. It was great but i didn't write down cos I used my bible and notebook to chop seats.

After that, Rebecca and I headed back to rest.... Lol.. Yeah.. Oh man, did I mentioned about the poor sound proof in e hotel.. The next room was complaining that we made lots of noise last night (I think we were laughing about my toys and etc...) Wah, we really can hear ppl's footsteps, conversations, ringing of doorbell and banging the door.. It's like, amplified luh..

I should stop complaining about sky hotel.. Hahahahahaha..

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