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samedi, juin 09, 2012

♥ Church camp day 5

Church camp day 5 has arrived.. 08-06-12

Too fast too furious.. Once Wednesday ends, time flies.. Truth!

Woke up super early to bathe and pack.. wanted to stay over at BTS w parents last night, but cos of luggage lor.. HAHA, but still.. its ok.. the only bad thing was at 2plus in e morning, reg 1/2 ppl came back and started ringing the doorbells, knocking the doors, talking v "loudly" and laughed a lot lah.. they may not know, but surprisingly, in the room, can hear ev'thing.. like amplified sia... which is sian....

Ok, the last breakfast was great.. ate a lot... as usual..
Last session was from Tony Foster again, but i was too tired!! ): i kept pinching myself, eating muruku, but i COULDNT stay awake! :( i see the ppl on my row all awake and laughing at the jokes / being responsive, but i juz couldn't take it.. very sad cos it was a good session!! :( sad to say, i escape to the toilet and zzzzzz :( i repent!! :(

den break camp at 11am, and headed for lunch at food court downstairs at BTS.. not bad, the food.. after which, we wanted to buy Krispy Kreme Donuts and you know what!! that same Joel who showed attitude was still there! >:( HAHA ji chou sia.. but anyway, everyone else in VFC bought the original glazed all up!! no more available till 2pm! WHATTTTTTT. SAD..

we managed to take the coach and leave BTS at 1:40pm and reached the checkpoint at 6pm like that . yes, was sleeping ALL the way. shiok sia.. den got slight traffic jam at the causeway and was stuck for approx 20-30 min... we played "i never have" and "i have" !! i quite fail lah...

reached tamp approx at 830pm, had dinner at East Link Mall and headed home~ :)

i can't say much, but i really love church camps! i think church cum youth camps always bind their region youths together, more than during youth camps.. cos youth camps is always in groups which is good too, cos you get to know more ppl.. love the mixture of the sessions too, at 1 hand, i learn about ourselves as youths, on the other hand, i learnt about the whole body as a church..

besides the fact that we're living in SKY HOTEL, HAHA.. ev'thing is great! :)
Thank God for such an enjoyable time in Church Camp this year :)

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