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lundi, juillet 23, 2012

♥ Month of July

ok, this is very irritating. takes such a long time to upload photos on blogger :(
and when i typed long, it's really LONG... 10 photos = 1.5hrs. WIN. been trying to upload another 5 photos, it's been 40 MIN and it's not done. crap. and i still wanna upload another 20 over pictures (only...) this google-blogger-photo thing just sucks.

(only the last 10 photos uploaded from blogger, the others from photo hosting website.. so irritating and troublesome, like for real.)

Makan with ex-colleagues at Breeks' @ Taka
instax photos

at Ssikkek BBQ at Tampines 1 w Huishan, hui li..

Snacks given out during the Seminar with Iris on Saturday.
Donuts from Uncle Andy at expo set up. He bought a total of 8 boxes / dozen that day!! for the Burpo family, band, and all the crew / helpers to eat! left 2 boxes at the end of the day sia...
Read You and Me band!
Heaven is for Real Bulletin
Makan @ NYDC Tampines 1.
Clubhouse at Uncle Melvin's place, celebrating Nic's bday.
Nic's 21st bday!
Video Team Photo

here for food tasting!

view of the Diamond Ballroom.. Big red table, can sit up to 20 ppl...
mom, me, sis..
view of the church..
has a history of 115 years, i think! been renovated twice only!
the Methodist Church! looking good!
the name of the church, it's actually in between Little India and Farrer Park.. quite hard to find carpark spaces, need to go around..
The Thai Food at a Coffeeshop! Really not bad..
Reasonably priced.. we ordered the pineapple fried rice, glass noodles, kai lan vegetable, prawn toast, pandan chicken, green curry seafood and some clear seafood soup.. cost approx $38.80 for 7 of us! not really filling so we ordered additional hor fun and hokkien mee, LOL! :P
ok, guess that's pretty all. wanted to upload lots of overdue photos like melbourne trip (HAHA) but nah, dun wanna waste my time waiting to upload. argh.

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