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vendredi, août 03, 2012

♥ BoA

A post totally on BoA (HAHA)

this is crazy, was downloading searching for BoA's old albums since i was quite hooked on her latest album - Only One.. I've listened to BoA's songs since her 'Listen to my heart' Jap album came out 8-9 years ago.. i've bought a couple of her albums (duh, i have 34252242 CDs in my shelf lor...) but i'm lazy to rip to my laptop..

some favorite songs i love... (i think ev'one love these songs like me!!)
Listen to my heart
No 1
Shine We Are!
Amazing Kiss
Flying without Wings
and 1 more! Inuyasha's theme song... Every Heart (ikr, i didn't noe that she sang it, or maybe i forgot...)

like ev'one noe, she's multi-lingual! she's a Korean, she started learning Japanese in 2001/2002 (WIN WIN mentioned!), she learnt english and.... CHINESE!!! my goodness.. yeah, i heard her chinese song before, not that bad... (my name, my prayer, sara, i'm sorry, id peace b) and she can dance!

so.. ev' song mentioned above, she sang in all 3 languages... except 'Flying without Wings' cos it's westlife' song.. even inuyasha's theme song is sang in 3 languages...

I even have trouble singing Awesome God in Chinese, what more 3 languages!!

She's awesome... and she's only... 26 this year... so successful since 2002...

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