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samedi, août 25, 2012

♥ Ghetto Justice 2

i didnt know that i didnt blog about 'Ghetto Justice' hk drama last year, prolly cos i watched it on cable tv and not on my laptop..

it was a very good show, and shortly after that show ended, they decided to do a sequel of it, which is currently airing in HK! left 2 more episodes to go! (just finished 19/21 episodes) the sequel is a continuation of season 1, so the show begins with after Kevin Cheng is released from jail.. and how Myolie Wu took on the female version of 'Law-ba' while Kevin was in jail..

i think this season is equally good! the storyline focuses more on the 4 guys this time..
they said that there might not be season 3, 4, etc.. so i hope the ending wouldnt be a disappointing one :(

shows to be watched in sept! (mostly k dramas!)
- Fashion King
- Bridal Mask / Gaksital
- Queen Inhyun's Man
- Rooftop Prince (maybe not... my sis' said it's not really worth watching)
- My Girlfriend is Gumiho (super long ago show, but heard it's really good)

and some in-the-midst-of-airing-shows:
- Reply 1997
- Faith
- To the Beautiful You

28 Aug
just watched the 2-episode finale! they combined ep 20 & 21 tgt, shiokkkkkkkk :)

this last case in particular was pretty good, ended so well.. the only cliche thing is how the drama ended.. not as nice as season 1's ending. ev'one was running towards the same direction after they received a new case..
in general, the cases from the show is quite good, just that it's more focused on the 4 guys' r/s which is a good thing (they didnt emphasize a lot of this in season 1).

maybe Myolie's character die down a little, not as garang as season 1.. or maybe it's the hair?! she just tied her hair in this season.
Christine Kuo (the one acting as Kevin's ex-wife :/) 's cantonese not very good, her articulation is quite fail.. even i was figuring out what she was talking (in epi 18, the scene where she challenged Myolie for Kevin) wah, struggling to put the words tgt.. haha.. the ending was weird, cos in e end this Chok Man who has been wooing her, suddenly came back for her.. like weird.. no transition.. at least show us a scene or two that he visited her when she was hospitalized (in epi 20/21)?
Kevin's one seemed to remain the same.. hoho.. yeah.. still like to cuddle to Myolie like a cat..
His friends' roles got more air-time this time.. only cant uds the ending for George Mike Jr. (the judge), the Police friend and Grace r/s.. zzzz very ai-mei guan xi... open ended.. never mention who Grace chose.. the other guy is together with xin xin..

hmm.. maybe it isnt as good as season 1, but at least they tried lah.. not too bad, mai hiam buay pai.. but i think there will not be anymore sequel after this.. hmm.. sounds and looks almost impossible.. if they wanna have sequel, will not get Christine Kuo / Lynette to wake up in 1 episode after getting into a serious car accident where she hurt her head... or maybe will not get Kevin to be released? you know la, that kind of storyline.. lol..

i'll probably rate it as a 7.5/10 ! :)
watch season 1 before this, else will not uds some parts~

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