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mercredi, août 15, 2012

♥ K-drama : ghost / phantom & glass slippers

Currently watching new k drama - ghost / phantom. Just finished broadcasting 1/2 weeks ago..
Was debating to watch rooftop prince, fashion king, bridal mask or reply 1997.. And I chose the most sian title! Lol!
Pretty interesting drama, if wanna watch, really need to start from epi 1, else hard to understand the show.
It's basically a team of cyber police! Yes, so they are supposed to track hackers and etc. The show started with an interesting case which will eventually be so-called investigated through out the 20episodes. Not that they weren't efficient, but ... There's a lot of twists in the drama!
do not check on dramabeans website like me, I read the last episode while watching ep 2! Dung, spoil all the fun. Haha.
Just finished ep5, really good, 15 more to go, dunno whether to continue on or not. There's just so much twists here n there.. But I read the ep 20, so i know e ending alr. Sian. Sian.
Anyway, the main actor in this show also acted in Glass Slippers (2002) and i rmb I hated the ending so much that it felt like I wasted watching 39 episodes! Basically this guy died in his one-sided lover arms. And that stupid girl only said "I love you!" after he died, when he'd been asking for the past 5749853 times. Scriptwriter really sucks sia. Lol! And I still rmb the OST when he died in her arms .. "park won gyu - help me love" i know, this show was 10 years ago, how the heck I rmb the song, because it's just too 深刻 liao.. The main actor died... Haiz...
So I'm quite happy that ghost / phantom is having a happy ending!! :) hate stupid scriptwriters who's so lor-sor, write 40 episodes and main actor die. Haha! #rants
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17 Aug,

just finished watching Ghost / Phantom!
oh yeah, happy ending bah.
The main 2 guys - Kim woo hyun and Park Yi kyung.. Basically they were good friends since they were in police academy, but park suddenly quit n nv contacted Kim for the next 13 years. They only met each other while doing a hacking case on Hades where park is actually Hades - the genius hacker. It turned out that park and a police lady - yoo kang mi saw this secret video which contained a homicide of a director, and it turned out that Kim was in e video! Both of them were super shocked n park decided to meet Kim regarding this phantom titled video that someone else had told him to look for. Turned out that someone plotted to kill both of them (there were in a chemical site) and great explosion which caused the death of one of them. Park took the identity of Kim, n swore to find the real murderer of a celebrity's death that he witness while hacking. Spies were in the police force, manipulation of evidence were possible, it was hard to trust ppl. There was a big mastermind behind all the drama, n he's the one who murdered the celebrity, or his girlfriend . This was cos she had the evidence of Kim and him murdering the director in e villa. Dunno y he was so brutal, he actually tweeted on the celeb account that she felt like dying, and pushed her down her 11th storey apartment. But it turned out that at the last episode, after learning from Park (who took on the identity of Kim) that the celeb was pregnant, he was so distraught that he committed suicide n died.
Yup, show's pretty much like this. Watch for the process ! Not much romance in this show! Lol..

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