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mercredi, août 22, 2012

♥ Where to study?!

Found a really good and pretty conducive place to study at the airport ytd! After years of studying, sec to poly to uni, these are my few fav/best places to study.

1) changi airport - who can ever not been here to study once in their lifetime?
(I hope ppl dont hog these places after I type it out sia...)

- Starbucks! T1's is my favourite, quite a no of powerpoints available, and if you're studying, they encourage you to sit inside (whr all the plugs are anywhere~) BUT I alw study overnight, so not many ppl..
Pro: powerpoints, can study, near toilet and BK and wang cafe.
Con: cannot use Starbucks card, seen insects on the sofa (gross)

- caffe ritazza! Also at T1, departure floor, next to Watson that area. Got powerpoints and coffee if you are sick of drinking same old Starbucks. Uses their own Internet, don't have to use slow wireless@sg wifi .
Pro: powerpoints, coffee, near toilet, own wifi, own music .
Cons: can't think of any.

KFC! Also at T1!!! Haha, terminal 1 is my favourite terminal liao~ it's a level above the departure hall. Studied thr in e evening ytd, from 7pm. Good if you don't need powerpoints cos the table is pretty big, and nice food! Quite near toilet, viewing mall. Left at 10pm cos no more foolscap! Suay.
Pro: one of the most conducive place to study w/out laptop. Not v crowded on a weekday evening.
Con: have to eat KFC lo..

Popeyes! T3's.
Only 1 point, plus closes at 2am. Okok only. But what I usually do, charge until 2am, den go over to kopitiam next door to study.
Pro: not many ppl know about the plug..
Con: not 24/7

Staff canteen! T2's!
One of my favourite since sec sch.. But will come out slightly smellier. Haha!

Starbucks at T2, burger king at T2, McDonald's at T2, coffee bean at T2..
So-so. Everyone uses Starbucks ppt, so fastest fingers first. The others mentioned, good for studying like that..

2) Tampines

- Starbucks at TM. 24/7
Not the best, but still can make it in e day time. Alw study overnight which is quite irritating, cos nearest toilet is interchange mcdonalds. Not much ppl study overnight on weekdays.

- coffeebean at Tamp 1 and CS.
Limited ppt plus always see so many ppl studying thr, sian. Lol. (I mean Starbucks also la)

- library!
Hard to find PowerPoint but still quiet enough if you are really here to study and NOT talk/gossip.

- tamp north cc BK!
It's opp the tamp polyclinic, can be very irritating at times cos there's quite a lot of students studying there apparently. If you're there to eat, can (nearly) forget it bah. Nearly half of it is filled w ppl studying during the afternoon.

Yeah, everything mentioned above is best with 3 ppl max. Else it's a lil troublesome finding table, plug and you will be talking > studying. It's not an offence or awkward to go alone to study, if cant find kaki or you have e urgency to study, go alone. You'll be surprised to see how much you studied > group study.

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