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samedi, septembre 15, 2012

♥ Fashion King

ok, so i've started watching Fashion King 2 nights ago.. and i peeked at the ending.. sucks.. HAHA but it's the process that i need to watch!

So anyway, the synopsis is here:

Fashion King tells the story about a young aspiring designer Kang Young-gul (Yoo Ah-in) who has nothing and starts his fashion business as a vendor on Dongdaemun Market. He has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga-young (Shin Se-kyung) who loses both parents in an accident at a young age, and she grows up into a smart, determined young woman with a natural talent for designing. After receiving a scholarship to the New York Fashion School, Ga-young travels to America hoping to achieve her dream of becoming a designer. But later comes back to Korea.
Meanwhile, Jung Jae-hyuk (Lee Je-hoon) is a second-generation chaebol to a large enterprise that covers construction, distribution, and fashion whilst his ex-girlfriend, Choi An-na (Kwon Yuri), now works under a top internationally renowned designer. Gradually, Jung Jae-hyuk loses interest in Choi An-na and sets his sights onto Lee Ga-young. But Ga Young's heart is for Young-gul, and Young-gul's heart is for Ga Young in hidden , so will this love square ever be settled? And who will win Fashion King?

yeah, this is basically what happened from ep 1-14.. including knowing of Lee GaYoung's feelings for Young Gul.. this GY actress cried alot in this drama, quite irritating at first, but after understanding what she go through, quite sad also luh.. ok, the ending sucks.... i cant believe that.... *SPOILER AHEAD* Young Gul got assassinated in the end, while on e phone with Ga Young with the last sentence... *i miss you too* ok, even though i am still on ep 15 now, i cant wait to watch and understand WHY he got killed!! ok, bye! ps, class starts next Monday... :( monday and wednesday night... zzzz

17 Sept (wee hours)
sucks.. zzzz if the show just ended at ep 16, it'll be perfect.
from ep 17 to 20, the whole show / script just sucks. like sucks.
This Young Gul person is just so poor thing lah. I mean, he works so hard (but got a little proud to spite the Jung guy) but he just got outplayed, outwitted by sickening ppl.
and the Ga Young also another pattern. her role is so irritating too - from ep 17 onwards... sick of her crying, self-pitying and everything. i mean, does she know that the boys are fighting over her? cant she make her stand firm with them? stop being soft hearted and etc, and break both guys' hearts in e end leh.
so irritating. why korean dramas all 20 episodes nowadays. keep it to 16 and delete those unhappy scenes leh . (although not realistic in life...)
HA. as mentioned, watch until ep 16, good enough.
watch on, will regret (like 50%)....

the bugger who cause YG to die. - is that Jung guy!!!!
cos YG's in debt and escaped Korea, but he sent a letter to GY a month later stating where he was and etc, but that Jung read and used it to his advantage. BUGGER. now we know why he got assassinated & how they did it. they needed to get rid of him. scriptwriter, it's nice to see that, but it's a disappointment that the ending and storyline just dun match up with the high scale budget production. sad. and and and, it doesnt make sense that when Young Gul was shot, Ga Young who was on the phone with him, did not hear or had any reaction!
there's so many qns marks lah.
like what is the company name 'GG' ? Ga and Gul? since 'Young Young' is combo of both names.
zzzzz so sad to see the last part where he died... even though v draggy...

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