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mercredi, septembre 19, 2012

♥ Month of September

I rmb really looking forward for the month of Sept cos that's when it's school term break + time to do lots of zabalang. can't really rmb what i did actually... ha..

1 Sept:
Sent my Macbook Pro for repair #fail even though i've been there a couple of times last year, but i still lost my way there. Next 3 days without my Mac...

2 Sept:
Super hectic day in church.
Went for LIW class in e morning, Nursery Duty that morning service, Net immediately after service, had a Surprise Farewell Lunch with Gladys at 1pm, Sound Training at 2pm - 430pm, had to collect rented camera, and then chiong back for Video Duty that evening. thank God nothing on after that, just dinner with Jemima!
LIW Class > Nursery Duty > Net > Surprise Farewell Lunch > Sound Training > Collect Camera > Evening Video

3 Sept:
Went out with Family and to Grandma's house at Lakeside.. with intention of celebrating my grandma's bday! :)

4 Sept - 6 Sept:
Stayed home and packed my room!!
and collected cameras and my Macbook and went for Jap class these evenings..

7 Sept:
Net outreach!

8 Sept:
Went for Gladys & Chris ' Wedding at Paya Lebar Methodist Church!
i have to say this.... love the food and felt so sad that i didnt eat more! :( HAHAHA.
had Udders w Cherie and Vivian b4 heading for Edge (no excuse to not go!)

9 Sept:
Morning LIW Class > Video Duty > Lunch > Sound Training > Camera

ok, this sound training is ev Sundays in September. 5 Sundays = 5 weeks of training. some of the parts doesnt really apply to us, cos the sound board that we have in e video room is the slave of the Master Board (actual sound boys handling in e sanctuary) so you can say that, we attend just for the sake of attending and to just acquire more knowledge luh...

10 Sept:
Packed room and den went to MOF at Tampines 1 for dinner with huishan! we went there approx 6pm.. a mini review den...
There's just too much choices of food! like TOO MUCH. can you imagine the hunger that you need to tahan while making your choices, plus wait for the food to come.. zzzzz.. i cant rmb what i ordered but thankfully i had some sushi from UMI sushi before heading to MOF :P (the tamago sushi from UMI not nice :( haha, not trying to be picky la )

11 Sept:
Packed room and den went to Cathay Cineleisure, cos jie and CH won tickets for the Korean Movie - "the thieves" ! really nice to watch, ard 2hr 15min long.. and just makes you watch from the 1st min.. worth your money!

12 Sept:
Packed room / watch Fashion King. HAHA

13 Sept:
Watch Fashion King and impromptu dinner at Ssikkek BBQ at Tampines 1. HA. shiok. must eat the chicken and beef and bacon.. pork belly - so so bah..

14 Sept:
Watched Fashion King and den went for Net Rally...

15 Sept:
Kevin and Hilda's Wedding at VFC Tamp!
We were on video duty.. HAHA but all's good.. haha.. the funny thing is that all his 'brothers' wearing blazer and etc, they all looked like the groom lahhh... but the food was also good, the helpers' gift was good. back to back weddings to attend. $$$$$ :( HAHA oops.

went for edge (again, no excuse to not go arh!)
and den leaving slightly early for SPOCS gathering!
even though we just met this January, but we didnt meet some of them then, so this time we had steamboat at JPot vivo!

no pictures, cos. i forgot my camera! :(
oh, did i mentioned, that it was a really hazy day? :( last day of 7th month.

16 Sept:
WOOHOO, no duty!! just went for LIW classes and service.. lunch and den sound training again lor...

17 Sept:
back to school. Sian. last lap. i need to do it well :(
this teacher only teaches this module, so we dunno him de. but anyway, i got suan-ed by him and i acted blur and ignorant. yeah, i noe what he said, wanted to show black face, but not good right. zzzz.

kbye, will update with photos next time.

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