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jeudi, septembre 13, 2012

♥ movies

ok, so now that it's school holidays, im allowed to watch k dramas but not starting!! that's cos i noe i will chiong finish the drama at 1 go.. argh.. so, i've been super unwilling to start on it (yet) cos i wanna pack room and etc... (i have a feeling that i will start watching after this post!) so i decided to watch k movies instead!!

i've watched these online (except for the thieves)
1) Only You

2) Marrying the Mafia 4
- hilarious yet a little unrealistic.. lol.. but can watch for a good laugh...

3) 100 days with Mr Arrogant
- Ha Ji Won acting as a high school girl.. HAHA.. not bad luh...

4) Speed Scandal
- Cha Tae Hyun acting as a DJ, who turned out to be a father and grandfather unexpected! quite epic and the boy boy / grandchild so cute!

5) The Thieves (2012)
- got a free pass from my sis and her fiancé to watch it in Cine on tues! great show, ard 2hr 15min. WORTH YOUR MONEY IF YOU WATCH IT!!

6) Runway Cop
- online again. LOL. super funny, not too bad to watch..

7) yet to watch - Don't Click
- i think its a horror movie.. zzz..
ok, just watched it. yes, it's a horror show but cos got Joo Won and the Speed Scandal actress, that's why tahan to watch on! HAHA. but it's real scary. you will never look at CCTV / electronic devices the same way (kidding lah, all own perspective.) haha..

and so... i've started watching Fashion King!! :) #dieliao 20 hours of my life soon to be gone... LOL..

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