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mardi, octobre 16, 2012

♥ Random - good old channel 5 shows

Zzzz posted using BlogPress app, but surprisingly didn't published! Of all times, feels weird to type again....

"Moses Lim is Tan Ah Teck
Koh Chin Man is Dolly
Andrew Lim is Paul
And Nicholas Lee is Ronnie
Vernetto Lopez is Denise
It's Singapore's funniest family!"

Can't rmb the exact words but based on memory is these..

Tot of the Growing Up theme song and so I went to google it. 6 seasons you know? Wow. I rmb trying to watch it when I was younger, on Tuesday nights Channel 5.. That's cos parents will be in church for prayer meeting! haha. Ok, somebody needs to feedback to mediacorp to produce season 1-6 growing up in store!! oh, how can i forget.. PCK!

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