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lundi, octobre 29, 2012

♥ Youth Leaders' encounter

Went for the Re-encounter on 25-27 Oct at VFC Tampines! It's a stay in retreat, 3D2N...

Woah, reminded me of my first encounter in 2003 at Toa Payoh.. I still rmb who I went with, and mini incidents that happened because, I wrote them on my diary ^^ listened to SHE together album on my discman to sleep, taking bus 28 to Toa Payoh Church office, forgetting to bring my towel down (once) when I went to bathe, the guys and gals in my region who went, and pastor Miguel & Olga ministering to us with their interpretator, had period those days n was feeling super paranoid... LOL! I rmb I wasn't in the pioneer encounter, but the 2nd one! Hahaha.. So doesn't sound that old when JS was asking for hands on Thursday! ( it's not that I was too young den, but it's cos I couldn't go for the first one due to some reasons that I can't rmb la)

So anyway, i was expecting this re-encounter to be another encounter, in fact, in my whole time in the youth ministry, I think I went for at least 4 times.. Most recent was in dec 2010... Not because I badly needed to repent my sins or anything, but more of to follow my sheep... So, you can imagine the routine and expectation that might happen here at Tampines.

All I can say is, this re-encounter is a higher level of our usual encounter! Jeremy seaward, Sis Cherline, Anna Poh, Yeen Fun, Bro Andrew & Paul was our speakers throughout the 14 sessions! Really thank God for anointing upon them.

We learnt:
Responsibilities as a leader, to tend the sheep.

Identify bondages and to break free of them.

To receive and accept the Gift of the holy Spirit (not just ability to speak in tongues but to have the gifts of the Spirit - teaching, prophecying, evangelism, intercession, etc etc ) thank you Jesus!!

What Christ done for us - we believe that God came to earth as a Man, however we tend to doubt the process in life that he went thru ie temptation, betrayal, humiliation, deceived, alone, rejected, not because of what he did, but because of who He is. We alw think that Jesus is God, that's why can tahan all these. "cos he's God mah" will be our excuse.. But this session struck us a lot, after learning about these, we learn to know that we are not alone. There is someone who encountered all these but nv sinned and has risen from the dead.

Praising him with our body soul spirit!

Walking by faith!

There's so much more! On the 2nd night before we slept, we female leaders had a lil talk and was encouraged by ev'one's testimonies! I didn't know what I really wanted from this encounter, so I prayed that night to make tmr a better day- that will be the main points my heart desires..

The main thing is,so thankful that at the edge service on Saturday, God was able to restore me and seal the words.

It was a Kairos moment!

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