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jeudi, novembre 29, 2012

♥ les misérables

Ok, i know this is wrong... but i'm listening to Les Miserables yet again :) HAHA, after 3.5 years...
favourite song is still one day more and on my own :) just so good.. i vividly rmb the story.. cos i read the storybook! boring, for real. thankfully i read wikipedia and listened to the play first before reading the book! else, i will never finish the book.. (dryyyyyyy.. all the thou, art, blahhhhh)

and its movie is coming out this Christmas Day! i am so gonna watch it alone even if i cant find anyone to accompany! cant watch the actual play, watch movie also can (mai hiam buay pai lah!) waited for years, literally! (i sound old, but who cares!) 25th Dec! Argh, that's gonna be super ex cos it's public holiday, ok, 27th Dec morning!

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